Conklin Roofing Systems

Our group of commercial roofing contractors prefers using Conklin Roofing Systems above other options available for a number of very important reasons. Knowing that the quality of each solution we present is dependent on the materials used, we haven’t wavered from our commitment with Conklin since the day our group was founded.

Top 7 Reasons to Choose a Conklin Roofing Contractor

  • 40+ Year Track Record Backs Product Lines
  • Non-Prorated, Full-Coverage Warranties
  • Billions of Sq. Ft. in Roofs Covered
  • Installed in All Climates Nationwide
  • Manufacturer Pioneered Acrylic Roof Coatings
  • Products Have Gained Major Code Approvals
  • Energy Star® Rated Roofing Systems
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Non-Prorated Warranty

Conklin’s best commercial roofing system comes with up to an 20-year, non-prorated warranty. What does that mean for you? Pro-rated roofing warranties have become a huge problem in the roofing industry. With a pro-rated roofing warranty, the age of the roof will ultimately determine the reimbursement costs should there be a problem. An older roof would mean very little in terms of reimbursement costs, making the warranty completely worthless towards the end of the “guaranteed” period. Their warranties are not pro-rated, meaning the entire roof is covered for the 20-year duration.

Dramatic Reduction in Energy Costs

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Everyone enjoys saving money on their monthly utility bills, and ENERGY STAR® approved Conklin roofing products have led the way with advances in energy efficiency for decades. By reflecting as much as 85% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, these commercial roofing systems reduce roof surface temperatures by as much as 80 degrees for a number of tremendous benefits.

Other roofing systems absorb these rays as heat. The heat is then transferred directly into the building resulting in higher energy costs, premature wear on cooling systems, and additional strain on the building’s structure. Conklin roofing systems can quickly pay for themselves with energy savings alone.

Leak-Free Protection You Can Count On


It is not uncommon for roof leaks to go unnoticed for long periods of time. When they are finally discovered, the damage has already been done. You may think to yourself, “It’s just a roof leak. It’s no big deal.” But the fact remains that a roof leak can silently destroy an entire building.

Water can and will spread through an entire building destroying everything in its path. The aftermath can be worse than the water damage. Toxic mold starts to grow, and then the moisture starts to attract insects and other pests that spread disease and filth. A leaky roof is a very serious problem.

Conklin roofing systems use a highly durable, seamless membrane that leaves no place for the water to get through. All seams, penetrations and fasteners are sealed tight with the best acrylic elastomeric coating on the market. For added protection, everything is sealed with a tough fabric reinforcement. Conklin’s best commercial roofing system is even built strong enough to endure hail and hurricane-force winds.

Environmentally Friendly Conklin Roof Coatings


Superior energy efficiency is just one way Conklin roofing products are helping the environment. With a traditional roof replacement there are all sorts of procedures that can and will produce unneeded waste and harmful emissions from production processes. With Conklin roof coatings or a membrane system there will never be disposal costs, and labor costs are reduced as well.

A Conklin roof coating removes the landfill from the roof replacement equation, eliminating the “carbon footprint” that traditional roof replacement leaves behind. This just further solidifies the “green” incentive of Conklin roofing systems. You can’t say these things about a traditional commercial roof replacement.