5 Ideas for More Effective Roofing Marketing

Below, we examine five ways commercial roof contractors can strengthen their roofing marketing for better business promotion. More business promotion means more market exposure, and that means greater chances for “hooking” prospects and leads.

Steps for More Effective Roofing Marketing

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      • Sign up for Google+ as soon as possible. With roof contractors’ busy schedules, spending time on social media may seem like a waste of time. But Google+ has a strong impact on how much and where a business shows up in search rankings on search engines like Google. As many as 9 out of 10 Americans rely upon the Internet to find out about local businesses, and if you do not have a website or are inactive on social media, you are missing out on free opportunities for generating leads. Our partner, Top Roof Marketing offers some great-but-quick thoughts on why being active on Google+ is so essential.
      • If you are on social media, try to become more active. Your activity on social media does not have to be extensive. At the minimum, posting quality content with website links at least once a week is good. However, as is the case with many other things, the more effort you put into your social media efforts, the more you will get out of it. Post pictures of projects you have completed recently so customers and prospects can see the quality of your work. Posting tips for your customers that will educate them more about your industry will help as well- it will build your reputation as a credible authority, and people will be more likely to approach you about using your services. More tips for social media can be found at our Social Media for Roofing Contractors page. For our nationwide contractor network, we recommend that our members post the content we put out and “like” and “share” this content as much as possible. Doing so helps boost our search rankings more, and that gives our members even more roofing leads, among other exclusive benefits.
      • Educate yourself about what is available for marketing. As the old saying goes, “knowledge is power”, and that is just as true in the roofing industry. Many fly-by-night marketing firms or roofing lead generation companies will offer free “marketing guru” advice that may seem beneficial for your roofing company at first glance. But those marketing strategies may not be all that effective in reality—some marketing firms are just looking to build up their business as much as possible without crafting marketing campaigns that are really tailored to roofing contractors’ needs. When someone approaches you about ideas for things like digital marketing—especially “SEO marketing” and “social media marketing”—being at least aware of what is involved with those strategies will help you discern who is genuinely interested in meeting your needs. Plus, you can learn of ways to take advantage of these marketing tools yourself.

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    • Evaluate your marketing efforts and objectives. Sometimes even established roofing companies need revamping. Start by taking a look at your business objectives for the year- how much do you hope to grow your business by? Think in terms of gross sales revenue for the year as well as quantifiable measures for customer retention and the number of leads brought in. Then take a look at the marketing strategies you are using to get your roofing company’s name out there. Are you doing any advertising? What are you doing for that? What is your Return on Investment (ROI)? Your customer acquisition cost (basically, the overall per-customer cost of methods used to get a lead’s attention and then convert him or her to a customer)? Use objective benchmarks to measure your marketing’s effectiveness, and do not be afraid to turn to new strategies or campaigns for greater possible gains.
    • Look for creative ways to attract leads. This is perhaps the most important and most actionable item of these five suggestions. With the arrival of new marketing tools like LinkedIn, there are many ways in which you can reach out to prospects and attract their attention like never before. LinkedIn in particular represents a great opportunity for commercial roof contractors. Many important decision-makers are active on LinkedIn, including business owners, property managers, and key figures in settings like architecture firms or real estate firms. Because these people are accessible through LinkedIn, it makes sense to use this platform for developing key connections that can lead to commercial roof projects. Be sure to check out and learn more about LinkedIn as a way for generating leads for your commercial roofing company.

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    Should you be interested in learning more ways you can take your roofing marketing to the next level, call us today at 800-670-5583. Contractor members have direct access to commercial roofing veterans who share how to build a strong, profitable roofing business.

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