Advantages of Moving into Commercial Roofing

Are you tired of the residential roofing market? Or perhaps you’re looking for ways to further expand your company. There are many advantages in moving away from residential into commercial roofing services.

One key distinction is the different dynamics. In the residential market, low-priced offers or high-pressure sales tactics are often-used tactics for getting work. The commercial market is different. Commercial roofing projects involve greater budgets due to building size, work complexity, different roofing materials, and other factors.

The people who own or manage buildings are concerned about more than just solid facility protection. A roof is the means by which company personnel, tenants, business assets, and inventory are sheltered from harm. Customer education and problem-solving take on more importance. The differences aren’t limited to just this alone, either.

What are Other Benefits?

Greater profitability

greater profitabilityCommercial roofing involves a greater selection of materials than residential roofing. More expertise is required for handling these materials. Commercial buildings also differ heavily from residential properties in terms of their architectural features.

As a result, building assets tend to have more complex issues. It takes specialized knowledge to determine these troubles and offer solutions. Because of this and other factors, commercial projects offer a greater price premium per job than residential projects. Price differences will vary from area to area. But some statistics show it could take proceeds from 25-50 residential roofing jobs to equal those of one large commercial job.

More diversification potential

more diversificationThe residential market is populated with homeowners. Broadly speaking, there are many segments in the commercial marketplace. Industrial, retail, institutional, and public works are just a few.

The commercial community has many stakeholders: building owners, property management groups, realty companies, investor groups, facility managers, and others. The opportunities to network and diversify your business are greater than in residential roofing. If a contractor does a good job on one project, it can lead to referrals for additional work with the same customer, which brings us to the next advantage.

More opportunities for repeat business

more opportunitiesUnlike residential, once you’ve established a reputation as a quality contractor, you may get repeat work from the same customer. It’s not unusual for someone to manage or own more than one building. If you’re working with a property manager, they may have millions of square feet of roofing under their watch. Regional companies with multiple offices, franchise locations, or corporations with many buildings can also pose additional project opportunities.

It’s not limited to this scope, either. Engineering and architectural firms may seek ongoing collaboration with a capable roofer for specialized projects like LEED-qualifying construction or retrofits. The business potential is tremendous.

More value for time spent

more valueIt does take time to develop relationships. But in the commercial market, that networking pays off. Whether doing work for an existing connection or via a referral, there is potential for greater returns on time spent. New projects can come in the not-so-distant future or even some time down the road.

On the other hand, the residential market can be fiercer. To keep business going, more roofing projects must be scheduled per week. Extremely low pricing or high-pressure sales tactics often rule the day. Relationship-building strategies, which take time, may ultimately be snowballed by these approaches. Given the higher profit margins, repeat business opportunities, and other advantages of commercial, the commercial roofing market offers greater ROI.

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Written by: Ian Myers
Ian Myers
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