Bringing Contractors into the Group

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First I want to talk about what makes our group’s concept with the Conklin commissions so great.

The #1 thing I hear people like about our group is the knowledgeable support we give each other. The traditional model is you ask a salesperson with no field experience and end up learning the hard way out in the field.

Obviously, you all know that Conklin adopted a direct sales / network marketing model. It’s the driving force behind why our members are achieving far more success than they ever could on their own.

What’s just as good about this model is that by sponsoring others, you can benefit just as much as the person being helped.

This is where the subject of tonight’s call gets really exciting! When you bring someone else into the group and make them successful, you get a return on every single roof they install with Conklin material for life, delivering a steady stream of really great income. This incentivizes everyone to share trade secrets and go out of their way for each other – so everyone can make money together both ways.

The other big thing to point out is that a Conklin order usually isn’t small. Even at 10k sq. ft., a single roof is about $11,000 in material. In other direct sales, you’ll typically see $30-150 in an order, so you don’t have to bring on hundreds or thousands of people to have a $4000 week.

Does anyone have any questions or want to add anything?

[Great commentary from Andrew Near in MI.]

We’ll let’s talk about getting started.

The first step to bring a contractor on board is to open up a Conklin account and bring them to training. Contractors new to commercial roofing and coatings should go to the one-day MR Training which costs $799. Well experienced contractors can go straight to a 3-day advanced training for $1799 and get 6% off their future coating orders.

Once you have someone in mind that would be a good fit, you should see if they can come out to the June 29 MR training in Kansas City in three weeks. We’ll have really great guys there, including myself, Phil, Amos, and Jason. They’ll learn as much inside the training as they will on the outside talking to all of us. It’s always a lot better when there’s a group and it helps put the pressure on not to delay for the next one and then potentially lose excitement about going.

All you have to tell them is your experience and what you think the group can do for them in terms of better profit, helping them close more commercial jobs, or just expand their market. I’d also let them know about the special dinner we do the night before the training to learn the business side of marketing and closing deals while also getting warned about costly amateur mistakes early on. I always tell them it would be worth coming out just for that. It’s important that we don’t just sell a training, but the knowledge they need now and the ongoing support they’ll always be able to depend on.