Nationwide Commercial Roofing Network

Choice Roof Contractor Group™ represents a nationwide group of professional roof contractors who provide commercial roofing services via their independently owned companies. Our members are known for their high-performance standards, quality workmanship, reliable and efficient roof servicing, and shared commitment to all-around excellence and professionalism.

Our Contractor Members Can Collectively Service All Commercial Roof Types

Our nationwide group of contractors has the equipment and expertise to tackle any manner of roof installation, restoration, and repair needs on any sized roof. Collectively, our members handle all roof types on industrial, agricultural, and commercial buildings:

  • Metal and rubber roofs
  • Flat and low-slope roofs
  • Built-up roofing (BUR)
  • PVC Single-Ply
  • Thermoplastic (TPO)

Because long-term security, overall costs, and lasting energy efficiency are key priorities for commercial building owners, our members use Conklin’s roofing solutions. It’s no secret why our group went with these proven systems: Conklin has set the standard for the best-in-class, seamless and energy-efficient roofing systems for 40+ years, and it’s still going strong.

Need an Expert?

Our group works together to provide:

  • Larger Base of Knowledge
  • Group-Wide Accountability
  • One Source for All Projects
  • Set Standards for Service
  • More Peace of Mind
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In fact, one of the things that Conklin roofing is best known for is its durability. The restoration coating systems have been shown to last for decades, a remarkable track record that stands out among the many in commercial roofing. A well-known reputation for the systems being able to pay for themselves in energy savings in just 4 to 7 years adds even more value to the mix.

Independent and Local

The members of Choice Roof Contractor Group are dedicated to their local communities. Because they are all independently owned companies, they are able to tailor their focus towards their region and the best practices for that area. Building owners and property managers will not have to worry about a large corporate company performing their roofing services and then leaving for another town. They’ll have a local contractor that they can turn to for guidance and expertise.

Unbeatable Resources and Expertise

Roof Contractor SupportWhen our members have undergone Conklin roof systems warranty training, they gain access to an additional resource that builds on top of it: a lifelong mentorship program from highly experienced and successful contractors in our group.

These “senior mentors” offer new group members so much accessibility, that they will even fly down to the new members’ locations to help them in any way they can. This support team also makes themselves available through picture texting, social media, and other forms of communication for answering any question. Therefore, our customers can be sure that they are receiving service from contractors with around-the-clock access to proven roofing professionals and reference sources.

Proven Commitment to Excellence

Why We Stand Out

  • Set Standards and Accountability
  • Support from
    Nationwide Group
  • Shared Commitment to Excellence
  • American-Made Products
  • Greater Peace of Mind

In addition to offering great service, members offer some of the best warranty coverage in commercial roofing. The Conklin roof products we use come with renewable, non-prorated warranties that last up to 20 years, depending on the product the customer chooses.

Putting it simply, a non-prorated warranty is a warranty that does not lose its value over time. A product’s issues are therefore covered 100% for the warranty’s entire duration.  Should any problems come up during the warranty, there will be zero out-of-pocket expenses to pay. Period.

Our Group’s Value, Your Advantage

contact-a-memberIn short, our professional contractors, unbeatable products, and unique service proposition offer tremendous value for customers who want long-lasting roof protection at highly competitive rates. Roofing is a big investment. Building owners need not settle for shoddy, second-rate “solutions” or temporary stopgaps to take care of their needs. We even take it another step forward and make sure their website and representative material properly conveys the professionalism they offer and we demand from them. For more information on our standards, read our Code of Ethics.

Should you want the best service, go with professional treatment that you can trust. Call us today, and you’ll quickly see what a deal it makes to work with true professionals from the start.