“Lifetime Service Guarantee”

IMPORTANT NOTE: As announced March 2019 in the blog post Making the Next Evolutionary Step for Our Group and the Commercial Roofing Industry, we have retired the “Lifetime Service Guarantee” program because it has hardly been used by endorsed members, plus many building owners seem to have a hard time understanding how it’s different from a warranty and none of us ever want a building owner to feel misled when working with our group.

Even though it is a value-added benefit, it’s ultimately been decided to retire the guarantee. If you were issued a lifetime service guarantee certificate, please email [email protected] with a scanned copy and the program will be honored in original form.

Here is the original content of this page:

When Choice Roof Contractor Group™ was founded, it was done so to provide building owners with a network of quality-minded service providers. Today our family of contractors has expanded nationwide. For building owners and property managers, it enables constant access to a group of qualified, professional commercial roofing contractors.

How so? Through a dedicated “Lifetime Service Guarantee” program. Since our contractor network is nationally scaled, the program has the backing of service-minded, warranty-trained contractors nationwide.

As a result, Endorsed Members within the network can guarantee a qualified contractor always will be able to handle your service needs. There’s no reason to fret about having a contractor to address your roof asset’s problems and/or ongoing maintenance. A capable roofing company will be available to give your roofing asset the professional caretaking it requires.

We Have Your Needs Covered

Lifetime-service-guarantee-commercial-roofingSay a commercial or industrial roof needs servicing. What if a contractor isn’t available to handle that roof’s requirements? Then the building owner, facility manager, or property management firm is left with quite a dilemma.

They’re stuck with a roof that needs attention with no service provider. Plus, as they’re left unaddressed, those current problems are likely to transform into even more costly roofing work needs.

Why Conklin?

  • 40 year reputation
  • Consistent, strong record in all parts of U.S.
  • Diverse line for every need & specification
  • Billions of square feet nationwide
  • Non-prorated, no-dollar-limit warranties

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At Choice Roof Contractor Group, endorsed network members offer a solution to this growing problem. Backed by a countrywide network of associates, another qualified contractor can step in if that member is unavailable. It’s one of many ways in which Choice Roof Contractors provide standout value to the industry!

How Does This Work?

Choice Roof Contractor Group’s preferred roofing products manufacturer is Conklin, a leader in the commercial roofing industry for 40+ years. When a contractor joins the network, they go through Conklin’s complete, extensive warranty training program.

In this program, contractors receive professional, direct factory training. Here are the results:

  • All network members become trained applicators of energy efficient, durable Conklin roofing system
  • All members gain expertise in proper application techniques
  • As a result, one Endorsed Contractor can step in and service an existing Conklin roof if the original applicator isn’t available

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In 1977, Conklin steered the industry in a new direction with its creation of the first elastomeric acrylic roof coating. And since then, countless customers have been benefiting from these roofing systems: They’ve greatly reduced their roofing expenses & utility costs with these high-performance roof solutions.

Our Nationwide Reputation

Our family of contractors have served countless corporations, businesses, property management groups, real estate companies, and others. As a collective whole, our group members have met the needs of many major companies & franchises. These entities include:


  • Ford Motor Company
  • Burger King
  • Archer Midland Daniels Company
  • ConocoPhillips
  • Empire District Electric
  • Days Inn
  • Holiday Inn
  • Ashley Furniture
  • Candlewood Suites
  • DuraTech Industries International
  • And more!

To request an on-site roof evaluation & estimate for your building or facility, give us a call at (800) 670-5583! We look forward to hearing from you.

Note: Members are not authorized to issue a “Lifetime Service Guarantee”. Complete terms and conditions of the “Lifetime Service Guarantee” are contained in the Terms of Use, Disclosures, and Conditions found at www.choiceroofgroup.com/disclaimer.