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Choice Roof Contractor Group™ offers compelling business development positions to sales professionals throughout the nation. Together with Conklin®, a highly respected manufacturer of energy-efficient commercial roofing systems, we provide a full-service platform to maximize business growth and sales opportunities.

Rapid Growth Business Model

Our nationwide company connects contractors with commercial building owners and property managers who require roofing services. All qualified contractors who join our network receive access to lead generation, mentorship and assistance from veteran commercial roofers, full-service marketing support, discounted pricing, and endorsement building owners can trust. Because revenue comes from product sales, we offer support with no ongoing fees!

Typical Sales Job

Fluctuating Commission Rates
Fear of Being Cheated of Retirement
Little in Return for Success

Conklin Business Developer

45+ Years of Honesty & Integrity
Full Compensation on Lifelong Sales
High Volume Commissions & Bonuses

Generate Recurring, Six-Figure Sales Commission

stan-V-mech-heat-seaming2Business developers who connect contractors to our nationwide network receive greater commission checks as a result of better sales conversion rates. In addition to getting unbeatable support and lead generation, our members generate more product purchases by outshining the competition. Building owners and property managers prefer Choice Roof Contractors because they offer the following:

  • Energy Star® Certified, Leak-free Roofing Systems
  • Commercial Roof Systems Training from Conklin®
  • Creditable Endorsement from a Respected Company
  • Marketing Material Featuring Powerful Selling Points
A Large Market of Opportunity
Why Join Our Team?
  • Residual Income for Life
  • 45+ Year Reputation
  • Bonuses and Incentives
Multiple Selling Channels
  • Recruit New Contractors
  • Sell Roofing Products
  • Engage Building Owners
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    We designed our nationwide platform to help any contractor enter the highly profitable, $5.3 billion commercial roofing industry. With over 720,000 construction companies in the United States and countless commercial roofs, there is immeasurable opportunity for strong income growth. Although we have to protect our reputation by not immediately providing endorsement to inexperienced contractors, all contractors in our group are given everything needed to be incredibly successful for the benefit of our company and sales team.

    Why Lead Generation?

    Seeing the contractors close jobs is a crucial aspect to ensuring the sales team can generate additional product commissions from Conklin®. This unique and highly valuable membership benefit has played a key part in our rapid growth. No one else in the commercial roofing industry offers 400+ leads a year like we do!

    Strong Earnings Potential

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    The sales team receives 5-8% base commissions on the product recruited contractors buy from Conklin. A typical full-time commercial roof contractor in Conklin purchases between $150,000 to $250,000 worth of product; however, $1 million a year has been breached more than once. With just five contractors ordering $200,000 of product annually, one of our sales team members would make approximately $50,000 a year as a base income.

    Bonuses and Other Incentives

    Rewarding and recognizing achievements are important to both Conklin and Choice Roof Contractor Group. Those who do well receive special rewards in the form of higher commission rates, bonuses and incentives, including winter excursions to destinations like Hawaii, Cancun and cruises to the Mexican Riviera and the Bahamas.