Commercial Roofing Xactimate Services

Veteran Response Partners Evaluate, Write, Condition Check, and Review Estimates for Roofing Contractors Providing Services in the Storm and Insurance Restoration Industry

Why Use Our Xactimate Roofing Estimator Services?


      We understand the commercial roofing extremely well as it is our group’s main focus and target market. Our assistance can prevent overlooked damage and produce far more accurate estimates. Don’t leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table by not having a team of experts on your side.


      We provide a premium and reliable estimate that adjusters will respect. With detailed and thorough estimating methods, our Xactimate Estimator team will help ensure you can provide your clients with the services they need. This all happens while improving your efficiency and effectiveness.


      Increasing the number of clients you can serve in a week will directly increase the amount of money you make. When dealing with a storm-related situation, it is important to be on top of things in order to acquire new clients. If your project managers are wrapped up planning, estimating, and contacting various carriers, you have less time to work on finding new clients and providing quality service. With the help of Xactimate Estimators, you no longer have to stress about creating proper estimates.


      Most Xactimates are delivered within just 24 hours and we’re available to help if you have any questions. As the organizer of a nationwide group of commercial roofing contractors, we know how important it is that you get your estimates done very quickly and promise to deliver promptly!


      If you ever need an estimate resent to you, just ask! We make sure everything stays on file for future reference or in case one of our clients accidently misplaces a prior estimate. You can always count on us to have your back!

  • We Do Residential Storm Restoration Too!
    While we specialize in commercial roofing Xactimate services, most of our team started in the residential roofing industry. They’ve developed a number of techniques in the residential side and it shows in the value of their work

    With all the support, nothing compares to the help and guidance of our Xactimate Support team. Our value shows in the hundreds of companies we’ve served in the roofing industry. If you’re still on the fence, call us so we can discuss more about our services!

    Need Fire or Water Xactimate Service?

    We work directly with Strategic Response Partners (SRP) to provide true experts! Use our form below and we’ll put you in touch.

How Does Our System Work?



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It’s simple. Just text, email or fax us the details. You can use your own form or we can provide an easy-to-use one with check boxes to make sure nothing is missed. With our system, we handle all management, estimate creation, planning, any other various back-end work. We’re more than just a software solution. We provide Xactimate professionals who plan, estimate, quality check, process, help manage problems with carriers, and save you precious time, which helps you maximize your profits.



    A good inspection is key to any estimation process. Let us lend an extra set of eyes to help make sure your inspections are perfect. We will look over your photos and provide a list of suggestions to help you get the most out of your estimates. We could help you increase your estimate by up to 50% by helping you find missed or overlooked damage.


    Your initial inspection, scope, and skills of your personnel are what determine the effectiveness of your estimates. Our Xactimate Estimators formulate your estimate and thoroughly check that every item is accounted for. In order to sustain our quality, your estimate is sent through a rigorous process of review. Afterwards, it will be sent to you once the proper sign-off is given. In the end, the Xactimate Estimate belongs to you. We save you time on your estimates and provide premium quality estimates to our customers.


    Xactimate is more than just software and we do more than just write estimates. When we assist you, we help increase your estimates by spotting overlooked damage. Afterwards, our Xactimate Estimators will process the estimate and upload it to the correct client in the Xactimate Help system. Your estimate is then thoroughly reviewed and checked by our personnel. Every part of the process is documented for proper accountability.

Prices for Xactimate Services

  • Commercial Roofing
    $499 or 2%We use a very fair and easy pricing system. It is simply a base price of $499 unless the price of the estimate exceeds $50,000 – in which case the price is 2% of the total estimate price. You will get up to 2 hours of consulting services if any additional help is needed.
  • Residential Roofing, Siding and More
    $99 flatWe offer residential Xactimate services at a discounted price of $99. If proper measurements aren’t supplied, we will have to pass along our EagleView expenses of $30 for 20 sq., $55 for 40 sq., or $75 for 40+ sq.
  • EagleView
    $30-85If proper measurements aren’t supplied, we will have to pass along our EagleView expenses of $30 for 20 sq. residential, $55 for 40 sq. residential, $75 for 40+ sq. residential, or $85 for any size commercial.

Getting Started

To get started, use the form below and one of our team members will reach out to you.

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    Inspection forms will be sent upon request.

    F. A. Q.

    Why outsource Xactimate?

    • Save on the expense of having an Xactimate subscription – up to $3000 a year!
    • Our team of Xactimators are highly skilled and can help find things you’re missing out on
    • Submit highly accurate, detailed and professional estimates to earn the respect of adjusters
    • It’s possible to significantly accelerate the approval process by having a full inspection and proper estimate completed before the adjuster even arrives (if they do at all after receiving the Xactimate)
    • Less worry if the job is priced correctly
    • And other benefits listed above such as delivering a better quality estimate, optimizing your team’s time, and additional suggestions for the Xactimate

    How do I submit my information?

    Use our scope sheet to provide what needs to be repaired or replaced (such as vents, fascia, ice & water shield, etc.) as well as proper measurements. You can take a picture of the sheet with your phone, fax it over to us, or email the document along with pictures showing the damage. If you don’t have the proper measurements due to steepness, height or other conditions, we can process an EagleView for you at additional cost.

    Why should I use Xactimate Estimates?

    In the insurance industry, Xactimate is the main solution insurance companies utilize for pricing. It takes the guessing game out of estimating, while also making it more accurate. No other pricing intrigues insurance companies like Xactimate does and it also helps contractors be far more efficient with their time.

    What type of roofing systems do you cover?

    We cover all of them. Just let us know the material type.

    How do you know the prices for my region?

    Our Xactimate software scans all the zip codes in the United States and Canada for price checks. No matter where you are in the U.S., your report will be done with the most up-to-date price point for your area.

    Is my company branding included with the Xactimate report?

    Of course! Email your logo in any format and we will include it for free. Your branding only needs to be sent once and we will include on any future Xactimate Estimates.

    How will I be billed for my Xactimate estimate?

    We request a credit card number to run the minimum fee required ($99 for residential or $499 for commercial). Once processed, we complete your estimate and only add additional cost if the commercial roofing estimate is above $50,000 in value.

    What if there is an issue with my Xactimate report?

    We will correct it immediately and send your fixed report back at no charge.

    When should I submit my Xactimate to the homeowner and insurance company?

    The sooner the better. You want to show what you believe is the correct approach and establish the budget quickly.

    Do you provide consulting?

    To keep streamlined and deliver the best results, we write up new estimates for each project. Separate consulting or review is not something we specialize in. If you already have an estimate created by your company and we’re unable to increase the claim’s value by at least three times the amount we charge for our service, there will be no charge. In other words, this is our guarantee our service will pay for itself three times over or more!