Commercial Roof Repair

Choice Roof Contractors Specialize in Repairing Commercial Roofs


The roofing industry has gone through some serious changes since it began. Mud, straw, wood and shingles may have been where things got started, but there were always problems with these roofing methods. Leaks and poor energy efficiency were on the top of the list. People tried to solve these problems with metal, asphalt and rocks, but the roof problems persisted.

Today, with our roofing knowledge and the power of Conklin roofing products, we can put an end to every commercial roofing problem that exists. Learn more below or talk to a Choice Roof Contractor in your area by dialing 800-670-5583.

Outstanding Results

  • Leak-Free Roofing
  • Superior Durability
  • Improved Energy Efficiency
  • Lower Costs
Years of Proven Service

Unlike others, the Conklin roofing products we use for repair and roof restoration aren’t new kid on the block. These products have been in use for over 40+ years. During those 40+ years, these commercial roofing products have been put to the test, and they have passed with flying colors.

Today, Conklin’s products cover more than 2 billion square feet of roof. As a result of selling the best roofing systems with numerous selling features that outperform the competition, the company is a top producer of elastomeric roof coating systems. Notably, the company was the very first to introduce the first acrylic roof coating back in 1977.

Add Decades of New Life
Cut A/C Costs up to 50%
Free On-Site Inspections
Leak-Proof Your Roof
Warrantied Up to 20 Years

Our commercial roofing systems withstand:

  • Hurricane-Force Winds
  • Hail Storms
  • Heavy Rain
  • Extreme Heat
  • Extreme Cold
  • Chemicals

Commercial roofing contractors across the nation are using Conklin roofing systems as virtually every other roofing choice cannot match the reputation or non-prorated warranty provided.

Restoring Commercial Roofing Systems


Most of the Conklin commercial roofing products are not for new roofing applications. They have been specifically designed to extend the life of a current commercial roof. Why deal with the extra expense of replacing a commercial roof? With Conklin commercial roofing products you can eliminate roof tear off and landfill expenses. In fact, you can eliminate nearly all the costs associated with replacing a roof. This is the number one reason our commercial roof restoration service is the most popular choice.

What would you rather do?


Do you really want to pay a lot of money to replace an entire roof system with another problematic roofing system? Wouldn’t it be smarter to pay less for a commercial roof restoration project that will extend the life of your existing roof by as much as 20 years?

With Conklin roofing products and our commitment to customer satisfaction, the choice is simple. Call us today for a free on-site no obligation inspection and find out how much money our commercial roof restoration services will save you.

Here are the top benefits:


  • No need to tear off your old roof and replace it – total roof restoration in most cases
  • Energy costs are lowered by up to 15% with Energy Star certified coatings
  • Your roof is strengthened to perform in the most trying conditions
  • There is little to no disruption to your business during application

Your tenants and/or customers are assured increased comfort, lower utility costs, as well as better protection as their roof will have a much higher level of durability and energy efficiency. Choice Roof Contractor Group™ provides numerous commercial roofing solutions: from elastomeric coatings to EPDM and rubber roof solutions to complete metal roof systems.