Conklin Tack Coat™ Primer

Product Description

Conklin Tack Coat™ is a primer for application over approved roofing membranes. When used in combination with Wac II™, Conklin’s high-strength and weathered acrylic roof cleaner, Tack Coat™ prepares aged and hard-to-adhere roof substrates for the application of base coats and top coats.

Also acting as a promoter of adhesion or bonding, Tack Coat™ prepares the following types of roofing substrates:

  • Hypalon
  • EPDM
  • TPO
  • PVC

After priming these roof surfaces, you can apply the following of Conklin’s base coats and top coats:

  • Rapid Roof™ III Acrylic Latex Roof Coating
  • Equinox™ Acrylic Latex Roof Coating
  • Benchmark™ Acrylic Roof Coating
  • PUMA XL™ Polyurethane-Modified Acrylic Roof Coating

Coverage Rate

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    • Approximate coverage rate is 1 gallon per 250-300 square feet (sq. ft.)
    • Exact coverage rate depends on the roof condition


    • Ensure that the personnel have read and completely understood the safety data sheet
    • Also, ensure the personnel are wearing other, relevant personal protective equipment (PPE) because the primer:
      • Includes chemicals that the State of California recognizes as possible causatives for birth defects, cancer, and reproductive disorders
      • Is combustible
      • Can cause extreme irritation for the respiratory system if you inhale its vapor
      • May severely irritate skin and eyes
      • Is harmful when swallowed
    • Other safety considerations during application:
      • Prevent prolonged or repeated contact with skin
      • Use only in well-ventilated locations
      • Protect from sparks, heat, and open flame
    • Temperature and Moisture guidelines:
      • Ambient temperature must be above 40°F and below 100°F
      • Relative humidity must be below 80%
      • Surface temperature should be at least 5°F above dew point but less than 120°F
      • Do not apply in inclement weather
    • You can apply Tack Coat™ only after completely cleaning the roofing substrate with Wac II™ as recommended by the manufacturer
    • Before application, mix Tack Coat™ completely with itself in the container (you can use a drill-mounted jiffy mixer for mixing the primer available in 55-gallon drums)
    • Apply Tack Coat™ at full strength – do not dilute or thin the primer
    • Use a brush, conventional airless sprayer, roller, or portable tank sprayer for application
    • Tack Coat™ is clear when applied and when it has dried thoroughly
    • Allow it to dry completely after application (drying time is between 2 and 8 hours with the exact time depending on temperature and humidity)
    • Excessive application or exposure to moisture before it has cured will turn the primer milky white and require extra time for drying
    • Dispose the primer in compliance with relevant local, state, and federal regulations

    Storage Requirements

    • Store the primers at a cool location that is:
      • Above 40°F
      • Shielded from open flame, sparks, and heat
      • Well ventilated
      • Protected from freezing
      • Out of reach of children
    • Close containers tightly when not using the primer