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Achieve Greater Success with a Nationwide Support Network of Commercial Roofing Professionals

As a group of like-minded contractors, we offer each other unparalleled support and opportunity while giving building owners better roofing solutions and superior service. Contractors who meet our higher standards and contribute to the group can also receive commercial roofing leads, our endorsement, and ability to offer building owners greater peace of mind with a “Lifetime Service Guarantee.”

Purpose Statement of the Nationwide Contractor Group

To create environments of opportunities for better service and business growth by encouraging higher standards as well as providing training, leadership, and knowledge to contractors who share our commitment to excellence.

Contractor Member Benefits

— Win More Projects with Increased Value
— Help Others Excel for Greater Reward
— Provide Better Solutions via Group Feedback
— Additional Commercial Lead Opportunities
— Trusted References to Quality Vendors

Building Owner

— Knowledgeable Contractor is Always Available
— One Source for All Projects Nationwide
— Expertise and Support of Entire Group
— Due Diligence Performed for Peace of Mind
— Uniform Experience via Fixed Standards

Become an Endorsed Member

(Qualification Necessary)
Membership Dues

Primary Benefits

  • All Benefits of Supported Contractors
  • Commercial Roofing Lead Opportunities
  • Offer “Lifetime Service Guarantees”
  • Respected Endorsement from Group
  • Potential Connections to Franchises

Become a Supported Contractor

(Must Meet Us in Person)
No Membership Dues

Primary Benefits

  • Assistance from Entire Group
  • In-Depth Knowledge & Training
  • Presentations and Photos
  • Shared Sales & Marketing Strategies
  • Further Income Opportunities

Benefits Enjoyed by Our Group of Contractors


Added Credibility

Building owners recognize our group of contractors for their quality service and appreciate that all members are held accountable to standards.


Assistance from Entire Group

All our members and supported contractors can tap into countless years of experience whenever they have a question or need on-site help for a particular project.


Commercial Roofing Leads

Members are shown on our interactive map where building owners and facility managers can reach out directly for commercial roofing services.


“Lifetime Service Guarantee”

Give prospects greater peace of mind with our “Lifetime Service Guarantee”, which ensures a knowledgeable roofing expert will always be available – even if you’re no longer around.


Knowledge & Training

Our workshops and other events are hosted by our most respected contractors and give tremendous opportunities for contractors to learn and share together.


Nationwide Reputation

We’ve found it’s a powerful thing to let our local communities know that the group we’re apart of is working with a number of our nation’s top brands.


Shared Marketing Strategies

We work together within the group to help each other avoid strategies that don’t work and focus on the ones that bring the best return on investment.


Presentations, Demos & Photos

We’ve put together powerful demonstrations and presentations to increase all of our closing percentage rates as well share over a thousand pictures.


Discounted Product/Equipment

Our relationships with suppliers also get great pricing and volume discounts, which helps all of us be more profitable and receive top-of-the-line service.


Further Income Opportunities

By sharing the knowledge and resources of our group with others, you can personally benefit from a continuous stream of income that grows as fast as the contractors we’re helping together.


More Time for Life

By doing more profitable work, while also receiving extra income by helping fellow contractors, we’re all able to do more of what we enjoy – whether it’s having a great time together at group events or with our families.

Free Guide: How to Switch to Commercial

10 Complete Steps Developed by Members

eBook version is emailed immediately.

Benefiting from the Group


(All Requirements Met)

Those who meet all our criteria and contribute to the group can become a member for our endorsement, “Lifetime Service Guarantees”, commercial roofing leads, and everything else we provide to supported contractors.


(Benefit from the Group)

Contractors unable to meet all our requirements will still benefit from added credibility, assistance from the group, shared growth strategies and demos, and more until they can meet all our standards to be fully endorsed.



Complete terms and conditions of the “Lifetime Service Guarantee” are contained in the Terms of Use, Disclosures, and Conditions found at

Commercial Roofing Companies Supported by the Group

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