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Choice Roof Contractor Group is nationwide association of commercial roof contractors who are able to satisfy any roofing need with speed and diligence that few are able to match. Our members offer a full range of commercial roofing services and exclusively use the premium-grade Conklin roofing products as a testament of our shared commitment to excellence.

Knowing that strong partnerships are built on mutual trust, we have invested heavily in resources and services that are foundational to your success. One of our chief priorities is ensuring that expert, service-oriented marketing support is available for helping our members grow brand awareness.

Expert, Discounted Marketing Services for Members

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    In order to make our members as success as possible, we have setup multiple partnerships to offer members special discounts and exclusive benefits. Through Top Roof Marketing, a nationwide, full-service marketing group that concentrates exclusively on the marketing needs of commercial roof contractors, we are able to provide around-the-clock access to high-quality marketing and sales assistance and consulting at discounted prices.

    In fact, Top Roof Marketing’s leader actually traveled hundreds of miles to personally undergo all levels of Conklin roof systems training. In addition to giving him hands-on experience with Conklin roofing products’ application methods and quality, the training gave him unique insights into the full value and benefits our members offer to commercial building owners, which he has shared with the rest of the company. Few marketing firms can truly make the claim of getting this involved in their clients’ industry.

    With this partnership, our members are given access to a suite of proven marketing strategies and material that guarantee they get the best professional imaging.

    The Benefits of Our Contractor Network

    Compelling Marketing Materials and Company Branding

    callOur partners have spent countless man-hours designing and refining strategies and calls-to-action for marketing collateral, handouts, proposal forms and other print documents. They know what gets business owners’ attention and compels them to pick up the phone and call.

    With their services, you get crisp, professional-looking designs for sales materials, proposal forms, business cards, brochures, direct mail pieces, vehicle wraps, tradeshow displays, and more. Our collaboration also gives you access to powerful company branding with the marketing group’s logo design options, along with a database filled with numerous eye-catching images, graphics, and templates that are completely customizable. A full range of designs are available for the best professional imaging.

    Targeted Communications

    callJust as important as quality designs are the words one uses to convey their expertise. Since they have focused exclusively on marketing commercial roof contractor services, Top Roof Marketing’s team understands what motivates business owners to action. These valuable insights are extended to all sales materials, proposal forms, company documents, and other print documents that are created. Using the powerful impact of words, our network members’ professionalism and superior service are strongly and clearly conveyed to customer prospects.

    In addition to crafting superior writing content for marketing collateral, Top Roof Marketing offers a unique spin on marketing communications to our contractor network in the form of press releases writing and distribution. When done right, a well-written press release can be instantly distributed to well over 200 websites alone, a huge boon to helping someone get the word out about his or her business. That is just online! Top Roof Marketing has experienced public relations professionals on board, ensuring that your needs are accounted for there.

    Online Marketing

    callWith 9 out of 10 people in the United States saying they are using the Internet to find local businesses, having an online presence is more important than ever. Top Roof Marketing is headed by an Internet marketing professional who has overseen the creation of dozens of business brands and serviced the communications needs of hundreds of multi-million dollar companies.

    This expertise is leveraged to create websites that are crisp, compelling, and commanding of attention. That is the first step forward to helping our members stand out as truly professional and capable roofing contractors. With just the first click, our network members’ websites grab the attention of customer prospects and do not let go. You will be given this same level of expertise and personal attention to your needs as well.

    Customer Outreach and Lead Generation

    IMG_4026The backbone of any successful roofing business is optimized customer outreach and lead generation strategy. Top Roof Marketing offers email campaigns, phone marketing options, social media marketing, and direct mail campaigns for helping you get the word out in your region. When done right, these campaigns can draw the interest of business owners or commercial real estate owners who are more than ready to engage your services. Plus, for another benefit, they can be of great value in helping you establish initial relationships and then “nursing” a relationship over time until a prospect needs your expertise.

    Leveraging its creativity, innovation, and extensive experience and insights in all of these areas, Top Roof Marketing’s team will connect you with hot leads that are ready for a reliable roofing professional to handle their needs. Each of these campaigns is data-driven, meaning it is built on strategies that have been shown to be proven recipes for success. In addition, all of these services are fully customizable to fit whatever need or specification you may have.

    Build an Enduring Success Story

    All over the United States, our members are building their own success stories, one customer at a time. Our network’s commitment to your well-being and long success runs deep, and the potential for accelerated business growth is truly limitless.

    Contact us today to learn how we can help you rapidly grow in the commercial roofing industry.