Contractor Support Services from Roofing Experts

Metal Roof HelpDemand for commercial roofing services continues to grow, and the growth potential have never been greater. Our nationwide contractor network helps roofing contractors fast-track their way to success through its partnership with Conklin® and a suite of member-exclusive benefits.

Among other perks, our membership benefits from the business savvy and insightfulness of our network’s most successful commercial roofing contractors. Our mentors provide a number of free contractor support services, ensuring that all members have access to proven resources and quality advice whenever needed.

Premium Support from Proven, Experienced Contractors

Our ongoing mentorship and support program demonstrates our complete commitment to our members’ success. Whether you are an experienced contractor with a successful company or an up-and-coming roofing entrepreneur, our contractor group’s mentorship program has much to offer.

The mentorship team is made up of seasoned commercial roof contractors who have earned the distinction of “Master Contractor” with Conklin. Only roofing contractors who have had their work quality inspected and certified, have no active warranty issues, are first-class roofing service providers and businessmen, and have been formally reviewed and approved can attain this status. For a full list of the requirements, visit: Conklin Master Contractor Programs.

Skyrocket Roofing Sales with Extensive Network Support

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    With our nationwide group, you obtain access to roofing professionals who know what compels business owners to action and what are the best practices for success. Whether it’s your first commercial project or another day on the job, you can be at ease knowing you have around-the-clock support to which you can turn for feedback on business development ideas, roofing application questions, difficult situations, service improvement, or anything at all!

    All of our members go to Conklin roof systems training for comprehensive instruction in Conklin roofing products and their installation, and this mentorship program picks up where the Conklin training program leaves off. In short, you will benefit from our mentors’ input and tips in the following ways:

    • Lets you start off or expand your commercial roofing business strongly with business strategies that have been proven to work
    • Gives you access to reliable knowledge resources for questions on how to deal with any roofing problem or issue
    • Assists you with the more detail-specific demands of your business such as equipment acquisitions, lead generation setup, market penetration strategizing, project bidding, and more
    • Gives you business-lifetime, expert support advisement, whether you are starting a business from the ground-up or are already a local market leader

    Commercial Metal RoofNotably, one of our master contractors will even fly out to your locale and help you bid on jobs or install your roof systems if significant help is needed. From a benefit standpoint, you will receive the following contractor support services from our ongoing mentorship and advisement program:

    • Access to knowledge and expertise derived from years of trial-and-error
    • Full, professional on-job-site or off-site advisement availability
    • Ability to ask a veteran contractor any question via texting, email, camera, or other means of communication
    • Proactive strategizing for prevention of a business issue or challenge before it even arises
    • Ways to improve the effectiveness of business strategies currently in use
    • Expert advice to confront any issue or challenge you are facing

    More Roofing Lead Conversions with Sales Coaching

    In addition to extensive mentorship, you will benefit from another part of our roofing veterans’ expertise: closing sales. As highly experienced roofing professionals, our master contractors know what it takes to get a roofing job. They will give you effective strategies for approaching any business owner, enabling you to potentially close any sale no matter what stage of relationship-building you may be at.

    Roof Contractor SupportIn short, our network sales coaching will give you:

    • Proven sales strategies that close sales decisively
    • Knowledge of how to approach different kinds of business owners
    • Tips of how to assess what stage of decision-making a business owner is at
    • Insights into gauging the negotiating style a building owner may have
    • Ability to assess what approach is best for bringing the sales process to a close
    • Ways to demonstrate your expertise and business value

    That’s just a portion of all of the benefits our members enjoy, too.

    Our Nationwide Platform and Your Success

    Because we are fully committed to each member’s well-being and growth, Choice Roof Contractor Group extends a host of benefits for acquiring greater amounts of local roofing market share. These include:

    • Wholesale Learning SPF Roofingpricing on Conklin roofing products, one of America’s most trusted choices for commercial roofing systems for 40+ years
    • Connections to business owners who are more-than-ready to use your services via our free lead generation
    • Sizable profit margins with the use of Conklin roofing products
    • Compelling sales materials and presentations for effective market positioning and professional representation
    • High-quality marketing support, consulting, and service providing through our partnership with Top Roof Marketing
    • Discounts and support from our trusted partners and suppliers
    • Access to up-to-date content and information on the commercial roofing industry and our platform via our website, social media channels, and other communications avenues
    • An instant, nationwide reputation via our members’ across-the-board commitment to excellence

    In short, we give you all of the resources you need for success and more. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your short-term and long-term objectives, one roofing project at a time.