Roofing Systems Training – Coatings

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Learning from those with their own successful commercial roofing businesses is what makes this training so unique and highly effective!

Benefits of this training:

  • Provides an overview of how to get started as a roof coatings contractor
  • Teaches how to make sales calls, successfully bid a roof and then present the bid
  • Introduces new contractors to the Conklin MR System
  • Provides strategies on working with building owners

Request Information

    Contractor-Run Business Growth Dinner:

    • Hosted the night before in a private room (Register by 6:30pm)
    • Learn the most effective sales demonstrations
    • Listen to tips that will save you a lot of time and money
    • Dinner and fellowship with veteran contractors in the field every day (no extra cost)

    Training Package Details

    Registration cost covers a full day of training, ability to provide Conklin warranties on MR systems, a hearty meal with Kansas City-style brisket, $100 worth of sales materials, $150 of product credit, and ongoing support from fellow commercial roofing contractors.

    Ongoing Resources and Support

    Selling and installing roofs takes more than a short training. You need credibility to provide peace of mind, installer expertise, marketing strategies that actually work, and photos of complete jobs. We’ll provide all of this and more.

    Benefits Enjoyed Even Before Attending Training by Registering
    • Group Support
      Get any advice you need from our top experts
    • Sales Package
      Samples, demonstrations, sell sheets and more
    • Marketing Material
      Presentations, Case Studies and more
    • Access to Partners
      Get discounted equipment and valuable tools
    • Full Photo Gallery
      Show prospects before/during/after pictures
    • Recorded Calls
      Learn sales, marketing and more from the best

    Are you serious about doing more commercial roofing? Start today!