Hiring a Commercial Roofing Contractor Checklist

commercial roof contractor hiringIn this blog post, we discuss how to hire a commercial roofing contractor. Our previous blog post featuring five tips for hiring a roofing contractor could also be helpful.

In the face of tight economic conditions, effective cost management is a top priority for any real estate owner. Roofing is already an expensive investment, but even when it requires only simple repairs, due diligence is still advisable. Letting the wrong contractor onto your roof may not take care of your problems, but actually compound them. Poor workmanship or improper product application could leave a roof at risk for greater damage—and by extension more expensive roofing work.

Hiring the right roof contractor then becomes a balancing act between affordability and contractor quality. What are the things that a building owner should look for? Below, we offer a checklist of things to consider when you are hiring a roofing contractor for your needs.

Checklist for Choosing a Commercial Roofing Contractor

  • Does the roofing contractor have any business listings? Reputable roofing contractors will have some form of legitimate business listings, whether online or in print, such as in the local phone directory. Even though it is not always the case, more dedicated or established roofing contractors tend to have a website where you can see their work and testimonies from satisfied customers. A reputable roofing contractor will also have a permanent address. It is wise to never accept the bid of a roofing company that does not have a business or permanent address listing as proof of their business legitimacy.
  • Is the roofing contractor approved and have a good rating with the Better Business Bureau? Not all roofing companies are listed with the Better Business Bureau, but it does provide another layer of documentation by which you can assess a roofing contractor’s reputation. It is important to note one thing, though. The Better Business Bureau does not provide ratings of a roofing contractor’s services or reputation, but how well a roofing contractor has resolved customer complaints. Factors such as the roofing contractor’s product quality or service competency are not gauged. Nonetheless, the Better Business Bureau does provide another solid means of checking out a contractor’s reputation.
  • Does the contractor meet requirements for roofing contractors in your state? The requirements for becoming a roofing contractor vary from state to state. Be sure to check with your state’s licensing board or relevant licensing agency for information on state requirements. Things to watch out for include:
    • Contractor licensing that has not expired
    • Workers’ compensation insurance coverage
    • General liability insurance coverage
    • Relevant bond certification or holding
    • Local building permits, if required

Roofing Services

Our professional commercial roof contractors provide:

  • Roof maintenance & repair
  • Inspections & leak detection
  • Energy efficient roof systems
  • Complete roof replacement
  • Roof life-extending solutions
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  • Does the roofing contractor have references? Reputation is the backbone of the roofing industry. Reputable contractors will be happy to share references from satisfied customers with you. It is important to be aware, though, that any references you receive will only be from satisfied customers. They will not be representative of any customers who had neutral or negative business dealings with the contractor, or are not people who are likely to negate your decision to accept the contractor’s bid. Be sure to get at least three references and contact them to confirm they are legitimate. More references are better, if possible.
  • Is the roofing contractor certified by the manufacturer of the product he installs? There can be tremendous consequences if a roofing contractor installs a product that he is not certified to apply, and then the product has problems. For instance, you can encounter difficulties in getting manufacturer warranty coverage. It is essential to check that a roofing contractor has certification from the manufacturer to install his particular roofing product brand.
  • What type of training does the roofing contractor provide to his employees? Making sure that a roofing contractor’s employees are fully-trained and certified to work on your roof is another critical step. Doing so will be an indicator of a worker’s skill level and professionalism. Another thing to look for is if the contractor’s workers are versed in job safety measures. That helps cut down on potential for accidents occurring at the job site.
  • What does the roofing contractor offer in writing? Make sure the roofing contractor will be offering you a written contract. Proper documentation will convey the terms of your business agreement, detail work to be done, and lay out the terms of payment. More specific details will be the roofing job’s scope, roofing materials to be used and their specifications, project beginning and completion dates, and itemized listings for material and labor costs. Asking for a written copy of the contractor’s warranty is not a bad idea, either.

Choice Roof Contractor Group’s Strong Reputation

These are a number of things to keep in mind. Members of our nationwide network have been carefully vetted for strong commitment to excellence in workmanship and servicing.  Should you want to work with carefully-vetted, professionally-trained roofing contractors, give us a call at 800-670-5583.

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