How to Fix Common Commercial Roof Problems

Today’s blog post focuses on the ins-and-outs of fixing common commercial roof problems. It is complemented well by previous posts about the importance of roof maintenance and common problems that appear on virtually all types of commercial roof systems.

Dealing with Commercial Roof Problems

commercial roof problemWhen a roof has been completely restored or replaced with a new roof system, how does someone keep the roof from having problems? The first step is to take active measures for prevention. An ongoing roof maintenance program will be essential.

However, even with a robust maintenance program, a roof eventually will experience trouble. Roof repairs will likely be necessary. With the right training and support, though, commercial roof repairs can be made quickly and easily.

For guidance, here is a list of things for building owners, facility managers, and roofing contractors to keep in mind for taking care of commercial roofing problems.

Things to Keep in Mind

Property Owner/Manager Responsibilities:
  • Keep up-to-date, accurate records
  • Be aware of roof warranty terms
  • Report any roof damage right away
  • Ensure roof maintenance is routine
  • Limit traffic via controlled roof access
  • Use professionals for major projects
  • Ask contractor before making changes
  • Be mindful of any service guarantees
Commercial Roof Contractor Responsibilities:
  • Replenish the pitch pockets
  • Repair leaks on warrantied roofs
  • Check and clean drains
  • Secure copings and counter flashings
  • Recaulk and seal fastenings
  • Strip in roof’s pitch pockets
  • Clean the roof of loose debris
  • Recoat roof when necessary

By sticking to their respective obligations, facility managers and roofing contractors can experience great value. When they demonstrate their expertise, roofing contractors can see anywhere from $800-1,200 profit per day on big roof repair jobs. For building owners and facility managers, the tradeoff for less-demanding roof repairs is far preferable to roof replacement. When a roof has to be replaced, there are several costs that arise.

These costs include:

  • Roof tear-off costs
  • Old roof disposal costs
  • Landfill usage costs
  • Big costs for heavy roofing material volume
  • Pronounced labor costs
  • Sunk costs from having to shut down operations

On a 100,000 square-foot roof, roof tear-off costs often come out to $0.25-75 per square inch. That means roof tear-off could cost anywhere from $2,500-7,500 just by itself.

Independent studies also show that when building owners follows a pattern of “install, repair, replace” for their roof, there is a strong likelihood the roof will last for only one-third of its expected lifecycle. In other words, that is akin to throwing away an investment for just one-third of the total benefits usually conferred.

For building owners who are considering a complete roof replacement, a roof restoration may be a better alternative. We have done a comprehensive examination of why roof restoration is often a better choice than a complete re-roof is examined.

Why Go with Commercial Roof Coatings?

roof coatingMany facility managers and building owners have turned to commercial roof coatings for keeping their roof problems at bay. Why? When applied, a commercial roof coating product forms a completely seamless barrier over an existing roof membrane. The new roofing membrane “created” by the thick coating product is also fully adhered to the roof substrate, and it is completely waterproof. The end result is the old roof has its life extended, no expensive roof replacement costs arise, the old roof is protected against leaks and all manners of common roofing trouble, and the roofing membrane becomes energy-efficient.

Simply put, roof coatings have properties that, when a coating is applied, give the new roof membrane a white or extremely light-colored surface. This roof surface is highly reflective of the sun’s rays, and it emits the heat that it absorbs during the day more than darker-colored roofs. That translates into huge energy savings for building owners.

Nationwide Roofing Experts Available

commercial roof contractorsShould building owners want qualified roofing experts they can turn to, Choice Roof Contractor Group offers an attractive solution. Our roofing professionals are all trained to install these coating restoration systems by Conklin, one of the leading brands for commercial roofing, and they have been carefully vetted for professional capability and commitment to excellence.

For roofing contractors, Choice Roof Contractor Group represents an unparalleled opportunity for taking their roofing business to new heights. We offer a full-service platform, including lead generation, life time mentorship, and so much more.

Should you be interested in partnering with our network for your roofing needs or building up your company, call us today at 800-670-5583. We will be happy to briefly tell you how our members stand out and offer unbeatable, competitive advantages.


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Written by: Ian Myers
Ian Myers
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