Our COVID-19 Response

The team at Choice Roof Contractor Group would like to start by saying we are praying for the safety of all our members and clients. Amidst the global pandemic, construction has been rightfully deemed an essential service, and it is our duty to continue to serve our communities.

The Choice Roof Contractor Group staff has been practicing social distancing long before it became a common practice this year. Our team has been 100% virtual from their home offices across the United States since the company was founded. We have teammates in Ohio, Missouri, Colorado, Utah, and beyond – all just a click or call away. Everyone here has been able to continue helping contractors and building managers from home throughout the pandemic.

When the world returns to normal, our staff will still be utilizing technology from home – benefiting from the work/life balance provided.

How COVID-19 Has Changed the Commercial Roofing Industry

Construction services have been, and always will be, an essential service. Each member of the Choice Roof Contractor Group continues to service their communities, while taking precautions to protecting their employees. Many have been able to utilize technology to their advantage and are able to:

  • Provide virtual appointments
  • Utilize drone technology to assess the roof
  • Provide proposals and take payments through the internet

Please note that Choice Roof Contractor Group does not require members to follow blanketed health-related procedures. Instead, we defer each member to follow the safety guidelines recommended by OSHA and their local governments.

When you reach out to your local Choice Roof Contractor, feel free to ask what safety precautions they have implemented. We understand that the protection of your company is required during the pandemic. Your contractor can help put your mind at ease by detailing how they will continue to provide roofing solutions while keeping you and your staff safe.

The goal of Choice Roof Contractor Group is to continue being the pillar of trust that your company needs, while providing transparency in this uncertain time. As the global crisis continues to evolve, so will each contractor’s safety measures. We look forward to finding more opportunities to serve you and the commercial roofing community as a whole.

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Written by: Megan Sabatino
Megan Sabatino
Meg has been working alongside the Choice Roof Contractor group to help business owners and facility owners. With over a decade of roofing industry experience and a passion for writing and marketing, her knowledge helps provide valuable resources for contractors across the nation. She has worked with numerous companies to help provide support and growth strategies.