Sponsoring Contractors Group Call

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  • Residual income (3 full-time roofers = $25k in income compared to other direct sales that require 1000+ purchasers | it became very real for me when I made $5k in one day without taking an order, having to employ a manufacturing plant or shippers, and no liability with warranty)
  • More income, replacement income or retirement
  • Best kind of income there is – even better than commercial roofing once you have a strong base
  • You learn more by teaching
  • Building owners will respect you more as a mentor in the group

Main tips:

  • Don’t focus on training – they can get that anywhere; instead focus on ongoing support after the training (marketing, sales and installs)
  • Lead out with the group – benefits are increased credibility and nationwide organization, centuries of knowledge on every project, 3000+ photos, proven sales and marketing strategies
  • People not product – don’t get caught up in warranties and other technical data
  • Why we prefer Conklin – 40+ years, installed on major franchises, and commissions go to contractors instead of sales people (and explain they can also sponsor others later)
  • Immediate gratification – access to private online group, marketing material, recorded calls, etc.