What Are Commercial Clients Looking For?

Every growing commercial roofing contractor wants to know the answer to this very important question.  Figure out what those clients are looking for and your business is unstoppable!  Unfortunately, figuring that out, and then meeting that need, seems to be where many of roofing businesses fail.

The Top 5 List

Commercial building owners have a focus that is completely different than a residential homeowner.  They are business-people, first and foremost.  To get their attention, get their jobs, and keep them as ongoing clients, you must direct your marketing and your conversations toward that focus.

Value.  Homeowners tend to worry about budget and cost.  A business owner, however, is more focused on the overall value.  They are much less concerned about the size of the initial investment if you can show them how it will outperform, outlast or in some other way be more beneficial over time.

When making your proposal, show the cost/benefit analysis for the various solutions you may be suggesting.  If you’re suggesting a coating or single-ply option, include information on potential cost savings on labor installation, cost savings on utility bills as a result of lower cooling costs and, where appropriate, information on potential tax credits.  All of these add value to the installation and makes the decision-process easier.

Follow through.  As a business owner, which would you prefer to work with… the person that promises the moon, but fails to deliver; or the person, even if more expensive, that always gives you everything they promised?  Now, which kind of roofing contractor are you?

Commercial business owners are keenly aware of companies that fail to deliver on their promises.  Though you may be able to get that initial job, you will quickly find others getting future jobs from your clients if you are failing to follow through on your work or job quality.

Organization.  Your potential client is running a business.  They don’t want to have to be involved in running yours as well.  The contractor that is well organized, able to set up independently and complete the job without interrupting the business owner unnecessarily is one that is a winner in that customer’s mind.

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    The secret to this is organization.  Your company and your crew need to be well organized, with clear procedures and processes in place to do the job without input from anyone else.  Make certain you have addressed all questions you or your customer may have, up front, before the job starts.  This type of organization shines out from the crowd.

    Clean up.  Seems like a trivial matter, but this is their business we are talking about.  Ensure that the entire area around the site is kept clear of debris on a regular basis, and that after completion clean-up is thorough.

    Paying attention to this level of detail reinforces your professionalism and underlines the level of respect you are showing to that commercial building owner and his/her tenants.  Though it may never be said, failure to do these things will definitely be noted and will weight heavily against any further, future projects they may have.

    Communication.  The commercial business owner or property manager has a lot going on.  Clear communication, whether in the form of an email, phone call or text, goes a long way.

    Materials didn’t arrive on time?  They’ve been there.  Send an email, detailing that the shipment is expected on XYZ date. Clearly state if this is going to impact completion dates or anticipated scheduling, then, if possible, offer any options that may work for them.  This is not an unnecessary interruption for your customer, rather it is an important communication as it directly impacts the promises you made and the schedule he/she may have in place.

    If you think about it for a minute, this probably sounds a lot like the kind of person you want to work with.  If you take the time to consider what type of person you would want to work with in YOUR business, you will have a better handle on what commercial clients want.

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    Written by: Diana Warwick
    Diana Warwick
    Diana Warwick grew up in a construction family. Over the decades, she has watched the industry change and evolve. Now, a recently retired RN, Diana is living her dream as a professional researcher and online author. Her strong research background, coupled with years of construction knowledge and innate curiosity, has led to her development as an integral part of a full-service marketing company that specializes in commercial roofing.