Why a Lifetime Service Guarantee is Good for Commercial Roof Contractors and Building Owners
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Why a Lifetime Service Guarantee is Good for Commercial Roof Contractors and Building Owners

Today we discuss lifetime service guarantees and their value to the commercial roofing industry.

Roofing Industry Dynamics and Their Effects on Commercial Roof Warranties

roof contractorsThe roofing industry is known for its high turnover rate. Studies from national building materials brands and independent sources confirm an uncomfortable truth: many, if not most, roofing companies close their doors within their first five years of business. When one considers that BCC Research reports over 350,000 roofing contractors were servicing the residential and commercial roofing markets in 2011, that statistic becomes even more impactful.

For building owners, the high turnover rate can create a dilemma. How will the building owner’s roof be able to be serviced when the roofing contractor who installed the roof has gone out of business? Nowadays, most roofing products carry manufacturing warranties that guard against defects in how a product is made in-factory. But that does not cover the “flip side” of roofing, which is where the most problems typically arise—with the roofing contractors’ actual workmanship.

Many roofing contractors provide what can be called “workmanship” warranties, or what is more commonly known as labor warranties. This type of warranty provides coverage against errors in workmanship for a warranty coverage period, which can often span 5 years or more. In residential and commercial roofing markets, it is not completely unheard of for heavily-customer-service-minded roof contractors to offer labor warranties for a product’s lifetime. Again, though, when a roofing contractor goes out of business, that warranty is made worthless, and the building owner is left with a defective roof with no help.

How These Dynamics Affect Building Owners and Commercial Roof Contractors

lifetime guaranteeThe rather strong possibility of a roofing company not being in business in such a short time span has a strong sway on the roofing marketplace, to say the least. For one, informed building owners may be more likely to turn away the services of small-sized or medium-sized roofing companies. After all, they are more likely to close their doors than large-sized roofing businesses.

Because they may have seen friends or acquaintances become victims of this unfortunate trend, building owners may also have lost confidence in a roofing company’s capability of servicing their roof over time. When the roofing contractor who installed a roof system is not available for basic roof inspection and maintenance needs, over time that erodes consumer confidence—and that affects how customers can see other roofing companies. It is yet another classic case of how important reputation and trust are in the building industry, especially commercial roofing.

Building owners then suffer from the lack of commercial roofing contractors with whom they have established business relationships. Timing and convenience emerge as big concerns—if his or her roof has some serious problems, the building owner will likely have to shell out quite a bit of money for commercial roof repairs or replacement. Locating a new roofing company, and starting the process of building an entirely new business relationship, takes time and can be a headache.

So, with a large portion of roofing companies slated for closing in their first five years, other roofing companies will suffer from the widespread effects those roofing companies’ closings have on local building owners’ expectations. Smaller-sized roofing companies are likely to be strongly impacted as well. For building owners, not being able to turn to the same roof contractor over time creates problems of inconvenience, greater roofing expenses, and time spent in trying to find a new contractor.

There is a solution to the problem of not having a contractor available when the previous one is unavailable to provide service, though—a roofing “Lifetime Service Guarantee” backed by a trusted network of contractors.

Lifetime Service Guarantees and the Roofing Industry

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A lifetime service guarantee is often mentioned in other markets, such as the automobile marketplace. Major brands in other markets, such as Ford in the automobile industry, offer lifetime service guarantees to their customers for greater customer loyalty and greater buyer attractiveness.

With Ford’s lifetime service guarantee, all cars with certain brand origins have lifetime repair guarantees regardless of their age or mileage. There are conditions, of course. Because of this service guarantee’s time span and coverage, one can imagine the impact it has on customer expectations and customer satisfaction. It is easy to see what an impact a lifetime service guarantee can give in commercial roofing.

It is important to note additionally, though, that lifetime service guarantees differ from roofing warranties. Warranties are issued on new products; for commercial roofing, that covers new commercial roofs.

When paired with an exceptional warranty, a lifetime service guarantee would raise the profile of any sized roofing company. One could easily see how this would benefit building owners, too—they could be confident that their roof would be able to be serviced by someone with the same required expertise as the roof contractor who installed the roof in the first place.

Choice Roof Contractor Group’s Game-Changing Lifetime Service Guarantee

All of our professional commercial roof contractors are among the only roofing professionals to offer “Lifetime Service Guarantees” to building owners everywhere, regardless of a roof’s size or current condition. How? All roofing contractors who join our network go through Conklin warranty certification program so they can take part in Conklin’s leading non-prorated warranties. In this program, they are shown the ins-and-outs of Conklin roofing systems, in instructional and hands-on settings. They are given the expertise needed to professionally install Conklin roof systems as a result.

Choice Roof Contractors also benefit from our network’s mentorship program, or where our network’s most successful and experienced roofing contractors are available around-the-clock for answering any roofing question or issue through texting, email, phone calling, or other methods. Our senior mentors will also offer to fly down to a newer commercial roofing contractor’s area to help the contractor with their first few roofs for free.

Because of this around-the-clock access to experienced roofing professionals and this gained expertise, building owners can be confident that their commercial roof will receive ongoing, expert care from qualified professionals.

Conklin roofing stands out in its own right, too. Conklin is the only commercial roofing brand to be backed by non-prorated warranties covering all labor and material costs for up to 20 years. Conklin roof systems also have a great track record: they have been installed on over 2 billion square feet of roofing in the United States, they have been trusted commercial roofing solutions for over 35 years, and they have a warranty claims rate of less than 0.5%. Even better is the fact that the non-prorated warranties are transferrable to new building owners.

Should you be interested in becoming a qualified applicator of Conklin roofing materials, or want these industry-leading products for your roof, please call us at 800-670-5583. We will be happy to further discuss how our exclusive “Lifetime Service Guarantee” can benefit you.

Complete terms and conditions of the “Lifetime Service Guarantee” are contained in the Terms of Use, Disclosures, and Conditions found at www.choiceroofgroup.com/disclaimer.

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Written by: Ian Myers
Ian Myers
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