Nationwide Group of Commercial
Roofing Contractors

Workshop Experience Conference Call

Jeff Schendel of Midwest Roofing in Kansas City and Phillip Helmuth of Five Star Commercial Roofing share what the workshops have meant to them and their businesses.


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workshop “You are with people who actually truly care whether you do well. They’ll exchange their experiences, their marketing plan, their pricing strategies, and it’s unlike anything that I’ve ever witnessed in this roofing business that I’ve been involved in.”

“You’re going to get some hands-on at the manufacturing training, but it’s nothing like spending time with your brother and sisters who are out in the field every single day – spraying the coatings and know exactly what the pitfalls are.”

“We truly enjoyed it. We came away with some of the best contacts that we’ve had for a long time as a small company. We can lean on our counter parts across the country. You couldn’t ask for a better set of team mates and team members. It’s worth every penny of the travel and of the class as far as I’m concerned because you won’t find it anywhere else.”

“You will know who to contact if you have trouble, because you will have trouble. Every roofing project is different and you’re going to need to lean on someone to help you. I tell you, you’ll really meet some great friends and relationships out there that you wouldn’t make on a regular basis.”

“I never will forget that weekend. It was the first workshop I went to. I guess it just really stood out to me what can happen when you are open to learning and growing – learning from others – especially in marketing. I believe I can be the best roofer out there and be convinced I’m doing the best job, but if I’m not getting in front of the right people and I’m not properly presenting myself, I just spin my wheels and can’t get anywhere. I would say that was my greatest takeaway – learning how to properly market.”

“I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t start integrating all the different things I’ve learned there.”

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