Code of Ethics

We hereby pledge ourselves to maintain an honest and efficient organization of working with our organization members for the application of roofing work and kindred lines.

We will submit recommendations that to the best of our knowledge will be best suited for the customers’ needs; our members’ workmanship are expected to be in conformity and material applied according to recognized accepted practice.

We will issue service guarantees when required and Conklin material is used, and within the limits of the guarantee we will maintain them to expiration.

In general, we will, to the best of our ability, devote all of our members to the application and maintenance of honest and reliable roofing work.

Should we receive a notification of a member violating these code principles, the member’s alleged case of violation will be thoroughly investigated. Upon conclusion of the investigation, a confirmed case of violation can lead the member to be expulsed from our organization.

It is our purpose to effect ethical and responsible behavior in our business activities. We hereby promote the same standards of sound, responsible business practice among our members as well.