Metal Roof Coating Opportunities with Conklin in the Commercial Market

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    With Conklin’s complete Metal Restoration (MR) training and our ongoing support, contractors are equipped for dynamic opportunities in the commercial roofing industry. The Conklin Metal Roof Training stands out from competing training programs by equipping contractors with new expertise via its full-day, comprehensive instruction and hands-on experience not found anywhere else.

    And with free, in-depth support from our experienced mentors to back you up, you will be ready to start growing your commercial roofing business. Coating metal roofs is a powerful springboard into the commercial roofing market. But why is that so?

    The Market for Commercial Metal Roof Coatings

    Simply put, there are some big opportunities for contractors in the commercial metal roofing market. Check out these compelling statistics:

    • 22% of
      Total Market

      Metal accounted
      for 10% of the commercial roofing market in 1995 and grew to 22% in 2010.

    • 18% Growth in
      Short Period

      Industry thought leaders say the use of metal roofing increased 18% between 2005-2010.

    • 2 Billion Sq. Ft.
      Every Year

      An additional 2 billion square feet of metal roofing is installed each year around the country.

    In other words, there are millions of square feet of metal roofing which will need repair and restoration in every U.S. region. And for professionally trained contractors, even those new to commercial, the business potential is extensive.

    Conklin metal roof training

    There is 60 billion square feet of metal roofing in place nationwide.

    Metal roof is pressure washed and cleansed.

    Strong primer is applied across entirety of metal roof.

    All fasteners and screws are caulked.

    All roof seams are taped over with reinforced fabric.

    A base coat is applied over all of the taped areas.

    A top, protective, white finish coat is applied.
    Other Upsides of Metal Roof Coatings

    There are also several other reasons why Conklin’s metal roof coatings offer a solid foundation for gaining traction in the commercial roofing industry. Here are just a few factors behind why this approach is so valuable:

    • Far Easier

      Metal roofing systems are easier to evaluate than other roofing systems like EPDM or TPO roofing systems.

    • Straight-forward

      Membrane roofs can have hard-to-detect problems under their surface, while metal roofs are easy to assess.

    • Greater Profitability

      Metal roof coating jobs are not as capital-intensive and offer 30-50% profits to even new commercial roofers.

    • Faster Startup

      Metal roofs are the easiest to train inexperienced crews on and then be ready and prepared for other roofs in time.

    • Better for Customer

      Roof coatings add value for building owners by building on roof lifespan, turning roofs into lasting, energy-saving assets.

    • Best Way to Expand

      Metal roof coating jobs are great for roofers to gain product expertise and then move to more advanced roof systems in commercial.

    With the powerful MR systems training offered by Conklin and our network’s support, you are ready to capitalize on these great roof coating market opportunities!

    Free Lifetime Contractor Support

    At Choice Roof Contractor Group, we are committed to the success of each member. That is why we offer a full range of other contractor support services besides professional roof systems training and comprehensive technical support from our experienced roof contractors.

    We also provide lifetime mentorship, in which you can benefit from the business insights and expertise of successful roofing veterans who are Conklin product experts. They can be accessed for questions or guidance at any point via text, email, phone, social media, or other communication mediums.

    If the need is great, they will even come to help on your first roof projects, where they will work on-site with you and will help you learn the ropes. And these successful contractors’ mentorship, sales coaching, and support is available for the lifetime of your membership with our group!

    Accelerate Growth in Commercial Market

    We also offer other exclusive, value-laden membership benefits to qualified contractors, including:

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    • Discount pricing on industry-leading Conklin products
    • Compelling sales materials and personalized marketing support
    • Priority treatment from our valued partners and supplies
    • Occasional free roofing leads as a side benefit
    • Franchise connections within our network like Burger King
    • Our nationwide reputation of excellence for endorsed members

    Our support is offered to you without any recurring membership fees. Once you join, we’re 100% behind you and your roofing business!

    Getting Started Off Right

    Although the systems are easy to apply, proper training is crucial to establish credibility and be able to offer manufacturer-backed material warranties. Conklin offers an all-inclusive training program that goes in-depth with all metal roof restoration systems as well as how to setup shop and do proper marketing. Also, as part of our group, you will benefit from our partnerships such as the $400 of professional social media services you get from Top Roof Marketing to get you a running start in this commercial roofing market. To learn more, visit our Commercial Roof Training and Business Support page.

    Contact us today for more information and to learn how we are helping so many contractors take their business to the next level.

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