Choice Roof Contractor Group Testimonials

“Had a great time! Awesome event! Highly recommend Choice Roof Contractors for expanding business! Learned a lot! Was impressed by quality of information, people and how it will impact my business! Glad I was invited to this event!”

Nick Welle
Colorado Continental Roofing & Solar, Attended April 2016 Workshop and Forum

“It was awesome having Sam Hostetler show up on the job. This guy is a ninja roofer! He extended his stay just to help us better understand the system and represent the Choice Roof Contractor Group. We started an MR system the very next day out of class. Great group I’m proud to be a part of.”

Jackie Parker
Sponsored by Anderson Industrial Roofing

“Our Conklin roof has been performing really well for 20 years. There are leaks springing up now though (about 10 years after the warranty period ended). We know putting a Conklin coating system on again is the way we want to go. We were really surprised to see it last so long.”

Dick Cox
Chillico the Beauty Academy in MO

“Our company just received a roof job this past week that we were able to bid from the leads that this elite group offers! So just wanted to thank the people that are in control of all this! Thank you we appreciate all that you do each and every day!”

Rufus Hostetler
Midwest Roofing Systems in ND

“I just want to drop you a note on how pleased we are with the roof system you put on for us at Premier Audio in Bismarck. The energy savings has been awesome. We have experienced roughly 30% savings in heating gas costs this winter compared to previous winters with almost the same temperatures. The difference in the summer was amazing in our shop area. In the hotter days this summer it was about 25 degrees cooler in our shop than it was outside with our overhead doors open. It is normally about 5 degrees cooler in the shop compared to outside summer temperatures. You and your guys were fast and professional to do business with. I would recommend you and your staff to anyone looking (as I was) to seal a metal roof. The energy savings and comfort levels were just a bonus that we were not expecting, We are looking forward to doing business with Five Star Roofing again this spring as we have another building that we will have done with the same Roofing System as you used on our Premier Audio building. Thanks Again.”

Don Braunagal
Premier Audio, Bismarck, North Dakota

“Our customer Steve contacted us after the recent hail storm in San Antonio not sure about the insurance process and how it worked with his Commercial Property. Steve received quotes for twice the amount the insurance was paying and thought he was going to be out of pocket over $20,000. After our help & guidance with the insurance, Steve got not only a brand new Roof & HVAC system – here we are a couple months later with all the repairs complete and NOTHING out of pocket. Mike Gibson and I would also like to give a HUGE thank you to our mentors Jonathan Keim and Samuel Hostetler. Your guidance and support mean so much to us and we are grateful for you!”

Nicholas Royer
New View Roofing in Texas

“To Whom It May Concern: Five Star Roofing with Choice Roof Contractor Group installed foam roofing with acrylic coating on two of my motels over three years ago. We have been averaging $600-$700 per month saving on our heating/cooling bills. There has been no leaks with this roofing system. We highly recommend their work and their service is exceptional!”

Dan Frank
Bismarck Motor Inn, Bismarck, North Dakota

“I’m excited that I’m training new contractors on a roof today. It’s a blessing that I’m able to pass my knowledge on to others. It’s an awesome feeling to help contractors who want to learn. I feel I’m the winner when I see others succeed in what I’ve taught them. Being a part of Choice Roof Contractor Group is the best business decision that I’ve ever made. Not only has it made my business succeed, it’s gave me the opportunity to make others succeed as well. Have a great day everyone.”

Rodney Vanlandingham
Kentex Roofing and Specialty Coatings, Choice Roof Contractor Group Member

“We just got back from looking at an old Conklin spray foam roof that’s over 40+ years old. I was really impressed that the roof is still going after three decades because back then Conklin only had a 10-year warranty. The front side of it had foam showing where the building owner shoveled snow off multiple times, but the rest of it for the most part is still in really good shape. It’s time for more coatings of course, but the foam isn’t really letting lose (except for a 2’ x 2’ section), which is amazing after so many years.

Daniel Borntreger
DB Roofing Solutions in IN

Building owner’s feedback to contractor: “Our restaurant roof was leaking for years. The fully adhered Conklin roofing system you installed last month didn’t have a single leak after today’s huge downpour.”Conklin roofing contractor’s feedback to Choice Roof Contractor Group: “He called me at 11pm to tell me this with great excitement! I sleep well at night knowing that my roofs will perform and are built to last when applied properly.”

Bob Howell
Antonio’s Family Restaurant in ID

“I’d really like to thank you for the wonderful workshop you guys created and put together for us. I left Florida feeling so inspired and uplifted. Everyone one of us took something great from this experience. I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to the most inspirational group that I could have ever been apart of. I just want to say that I look forward to the future with you guys and thank you so much for everything.”

Done Right Roofing
Attended July 2015 Workshop and Forum

“I have been doing coating systems for a few years now, but now have 3 Conklin jobs under my belt. LOVE… THIS… SYSTEM. Holy cats this is the Ferrari of roof coatings. I’ve installed others and they are not as extensive. Until now I thought, ‘I’m not sharing any of this info with other guys. Why would I want competition?’ But the truth of the matter is there’s plenty of work out there for more guys. I’ve seen a lot of bad companies installing product wrong and a lot of well-intentioned good companies just not knowing. I’m a huge advocate of training. Train my guys, train my management team, and train myself. Conklin is also big on training. You will learn not only the right way to do it, but tricks of the trade and ways to sell and market, and build your bottom line.”

Andrew Near
Empire Contractors in Michigan

“That was absolutely the best training and workshop that I ever went to. There was such a spirit of teamwork and sharing of knowledge. Truly being part of this group I have absolutely no fear of any prospect or project.”

Isaac Smith
Smithway Commercial Roofing, Attended February 2016 Workshop and Forum

“We started our Conklin Roofing Business in January, 2009. We took the 2 day roof training and saw the huge potential that was available. What really stood out at that training session was the Master Contractor Q & A session where we saw 40+ year veterans sharing that they were using the same products that had been developed over the years, as well as the new products, with such great success. Being in the construction business we knew that it is almost unheard of to have basically the same products in the roofing industry still being sold after 40+ years. That gave us the confidence in the Conklin products to sell them and to build a successful roofing business.”

Sam Hostetler
Five Star Roofing LLC, Choice Roof Contractor Group Member

“Best professional group to be a member of. Jonathan and Sam bring incredible knowledge and experience in both the marketing and technical side of a commercial roofing business. Also other members are always available for professional advice and recommendations. If you are serious about providing high quality commercial roofing products and customer service, this is definitely an organization you should be part of. Our strength is in the network and the teamwork and we will grow exponentially throughout the years.”

Max Cruz
Cudeso Roofing in MA

“I want to take a minute to thank Jonathan and Andy Near for all their help. They are both a wealth of knowledge and I’m proud to have them on my team. One tool that I highly recommend to others in this group is the sales book that Jonathan put together. We take this book on every sales call we make. It’s great to be able to show pictures of what we can do and the feed back has been extremely positive. The book is very interactive and allows us to keep a productive conversation going with our clients. I am very pleased with this group and all the help I receive.”

Jon Breitner
Michigan Spray Foam & Insulation

“I just love how everybody helps everybody. I’ve never felt like anybody is a competitor or has secrets. Everyone in the group is forthcoming and willing to offer advice whether it’s on the Facebook group we have or when we get together at national convention or a training. I also really enjoy the group calls we do and have gained a bunch of information from them in the past. When you asked me to lead one on commercial roofing and Xactimate, my first thought was ‘Absolutely! I’m part of a team here and I’d be more than happy to do it!’. The other thing that’s really special is the support we get with marketing our own companies as well as the leads that come through the group website. I remember when I had my first few Conklin proposals that needed to go out and I didn’t want to send them right away because I didn’t have anything on my website. So I called Jonathan up for help with the content, and he had the programming my web designer needed within an hour who then had it up shortly after that. The support has been awesome in every way!”

Bill Rouston
Incore Restoration Group in Michigan

“Just had to say thanks to you guys. Just called our first Choice Roof lead in Salt Lake City. They have 2 buildings that are 33,000 sq. ft. each. Wants just the awnings looked at. Meeting with him next month. Nice work with all the stuff you are doing!”

Rich Jessop
Schrock Commercial Roofing, Works as salesperson for Choice Roof Contractor Group Member