What Contractors Are Saying

Below you will hear from roofing contractors in the group who are benefiting from the support, leads, credibility, and expertise we offer each other. For more information, visit Contractor Group Benefits.

Multiple Contractors Share Experience
  • Help Available on Moment’s Notice
  • Direct impact on Sales Growth
  • Building Owners More Willing to Sign
  • Sales Techniques that Actually Work
  • Benefits of Working Together as a Team
Residential to Commercial in 12 Months
  • Started Out 100% Residential Contractor
  • How He Leveraged the Group Benefits
  • Changes Made to Succeed in Commercial
  • Negotiating 1+ Million Sq. Ft. of Roofs
  • How He’s Helping Others Do the Same
Overview of Our Group’s Success
  • Success Stories of the Past 5 Years
  • Greater Results from Group Initiatives
  • Value of New Learning Events
  • Conference Call Highlights
  • Record Growth Across the Board
100,000 Sq. Ft. Roof in 1st Year
  • Ran Multi-Million Dollar Businesses
  • Why Ron Chose Commercial Roofing
  • Growth Comparison with Prior Businesses
  • How He Got Started Commercial Roofing
  • Valuable Business Advice
Living the Good Life with Group Support
  • Started at 22 Years Old
  • Instant Access to Valuable Resources
  • Hugely Successful Online Marketing
  • Went Fully Commercial in 2012
  • Regular Vacations are Now Possible
Member Shares Experience
  • Couldn’t Find Solution in Six Months
  • The Value of Shared Trade Secrets
  • It’s Now Far Easier Selling Roofs
  • Quick Answers to All Questions
  • Loves Networking within the Group
14 Commercial Jobs Closed 1st Year
  • Joined with 20 Years of Residential Experience
  • First Try in Commercial was a Rough Start
  • Now Gets Commercial Work Regularly
  • Loves Learning from 100+ Contractors
  • 28 Calls and 14 Jobs from a Copied Strategy
43-Year Veteran Reviews the Training
  • Makes His “Best Investment in 30 Years”
  • What to Expect During the Training
  • Explains How He Learned about the Group
  • The Value of Collaboration and Vision
  • Excitedly Embarking on National Rollout
Boost from “BBB of Commercial Roofing”
  • One of the First to Join the Group
  • Large Projects from Respected Endorsement
  • Knowledge Resources Provide Peace of Mind
  • Overcoming Intimidation and Wrong Mindset
  • Going into Mentorship after Passing the Torch
Benefits of Helping Other Contractors
  • Greater Reward vs. Doing Own Roofs
  • Applying 16 Years of Roofing Expertise
  • Spending More Time with Family
  • Doubled in Size within One Year
  • Examples of Sharing Knowledge
Boston Company Testimonial
  • Review of First 3 Months of Membership
  • The Move from Residential to Commercial
  • First Free Lead for Multibillion Company
  • Discussions with Walmarts (Click for Story)
  • How the Network Adds Strong Credibility
Kansas Company Success Story
  • Owns Large Roofing Company in KC
  • Failed on 1st Attempt with Coatings
  • Sold 10 Coating Jobs in 1st Year with Us
  • Commercial Work Nearly Doubled
  • Lining up 260,000 Sq. Ft. Project
Missouri Company Success Story
  • Started Out as Handyman Contractor
  • Looked for Less Time-Consuming Work
  • Went Straight into Roof Coatings
  • Benefiting from Our Marketing Expertise
  • Serviced Burger King and Other Brands
Texas Company Testimonial
  • Already Had Commercial Roofing Experience
  • Tried Many Different Competing Products
  • Level of Care for Making Members Successful
  • Working with Contractors vs. Salespeople
  • Sharing of Trade Secrets & Superb Support
Washington Testimonial
  • First 18,000 Sq. Ft. Roof Lead Received
  • $30,000 Upsell with Group Association
  • Value of Support from Expert Contractors
  • Incredible Durability of Conklin Coatings
  • Major Confidence Gained as a Result
Results of Shared Marketing Strategies

  • Spent Half as Much in Marketing
  • 400% Growth in 2014 vs. 2013
  • Basic Steps Taken to Rapidly Expand
  • Lucrative NYSE-Listed Roofing Project
  • Personal Experience Working with Us
Conklin Training – Group Testimonial
  • Individuals Share Their Great Experience
  • Great Food and Networking with Contractors
  • Attendees Represent Florida, NY and Texas
  • Lifelong Contractor Compares Certifications
  • Surprising Amount of Valuable Information
Kentucky Company Testimonial
  • Joined with Background in Commercial
  • Wanted to Pursue Commercial Roofing
  • Saw Great Value in Group’s Knowledge
  • Loves Bouncing Ideas and Getting Advice
  • Discussed Experience at the First Workshop


Why Should You Join Too?

  • Sell More Jobs with the Peace of Group-Wide Accountability
  • Grow Rapidly by Learning from the Strategies Shared by Others
  • Accept More Work with Help from Experienced Members
  • Provide Better Roofing Solutions to Your Clients
  • Enjoy Larger, Far More Profitable Projects

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