Conklin PUMA™ XL - Polyurethane Modified Acrylic Roof Coating
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Conklin PUMA™ XL – Polyurethane Modified Acrylic Roof Coating

Product Description

PUMA™ XL Top Coat is Conklin’s most recent innovation. Its great tensile strength and flexibility makes it so tough and durable that PUMA™ XL has an available 18-year non-prorated warranty and lasts longer than traditional acrylic roof coatings.  

Formulated as a two-coat waterproofing system to be used with Benchmark™ Base Coat, it dries faster than most other two-coat systems. PUMA™ XL adds versatility to the cutting-edge PUMA technology as it can be applied on a broad range of approved substrates and roof decks:

  • Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF)
  • MR™ Metal Roofs
  • Conklin’s Fabric Reinforced System
  • Isocyanurate Insulation Board
  • Plywood
  • Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

PUMA™ XL forms a seamless membrane and is designed for use with:

  • Benchmark™ Base Coat
  • Conklin Encase Metal Primer
  • Prime Time
  • Prime Time Plus
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Coverage Rate

  • Application rates:
    • First apply the Benchmark™ Base Coat at the rate of 1.9 gallons per 100 square feet (sq. ft.)
    • Then apply PUMA™ XL at the rate of 1.9 gallons per 100 sq. ft.
    • This includes a loss allowance of 15% for application and 10% for surface texture
  • Use extra product when roofing substrates are very rough
  • The coating must cover all the roof as an unbroken, continuous film with a minimum dry thickness of 13.5 mils per coat
  • If you are using granules, embed them by applying a second top coat at the rate of:
    • 0 gallon per 100 sq. ft. for Roofing Granules
    • 50 pounds (lbs) per 100 sq. ft. for Quartz Granules


Guidelines for the application of PUMA™ XL Top Coat: 

  • Make sure the personnel using the products have thoroughly read and understood the safety data sheet
  • Personnel spraying the coating must use a NIOSH-approved mist / dust mask
  • Ensure the personnel are also wearing other, appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) because the product:
    • Contains chemicals that the State of California recognizes as ones that can cause cancer, reproductive disorders, and birth defects
    • Is harmful if swallowed
    • May cause irritation for skin, eyes, and respiratory system
  • Mix the coating completely with itself before use
  • Do not mix or dilute the coating using other liquids, solvents, or substances
  • Before applying, ensure the surface is:
    • Solid, clean, dry, and structurally sound
    • Finished and smooth
    • Free of impurities that block proper adhesion viz. contaminants, chips of roofing and other material, dirt, moisture, wax, and grease
  • Do not apply on SPF foam surfaces that have the following textures:
    • Popcorn
    • Verge popcorn
    • Tree bark
  • For application on certain surfaces and decks, you will have to establish / install special drains, roofing vents, positive slope to drain, vapor retarders, flashings, and expansion joints
  • Temperature and Moisture guidelines:
    • Ambient temperature must be between 400F and 1000F
    • Relative humidity must be less than 80%
    • Surface temperature should be at least 50F above dew point but less than 1200F
    • Avoid applying during inclement weather
  • The surface / roof where you apply the coating should have:
    • Less than 36 sq. ft. of water in any area with a depth of ¼-inch or more at a time of 48 hours after rains
    • Less than 5% of the total surface area under bird bathse. small and irrelevant water ponds on roofs that evaporate rapidly
    • Preparations to rapidly drain away the water
    • Zero ponding water if the surface is polyurethane foam
  • Dispose product in a manner as prescribed by local, state, and federal regulations

Storage Requirements

Storage guidelines for PUMA™ XL:

  • Store the coating at a cool location that is:
    • Above 400F
    • Protected from freezing
    • Out of reach of children
  • Close containers tightly when not using the coating

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