Conklin Equinox™ Roof Coating

Low Temperature Acrylic Elastomeric Roof Coatings

Product Description

The Conklin Equinox™ system consists of a base coat and a top coat. Equinox™ is among the first low-temperature acrylic coatings in the market. It dries quickly in cool temperatures and can be applied on roofs even in weather that is too cool for the application of typical acrylic coatings.

Forming a totally seamless membrane over roofs, Equinox™ offers great protection from the harmful elements of weather and good flexibility to withstand building movement. The Equinox™ system is designed to waterproof and shield numerous approved roofing systems:

  • MR™ System for Metal Roofs
  • Membrane Coating
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF)
  • Fabric-Reinforced
  • Isocyanurate Insulation Board
  • Exterior Plywood
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    Equinox™ Top Coat is an acrylic, elastomeric, and monolithic roof coating that reflects 85% of incident sunrays and is pending ENERGY STAR and CRRC rating. This coating is available in a white finish. Equinox™ Top Coat works in combination with:

    • Equinox™ Base Coat
    • Prime Time
    • Prime Time Plus
    • Tack Coat Primer
    • Encase Metal Primer

    Coverage Rate

    • Basic application rates:
      • First apply the Equinox™ Base Coat at the rate of 1.6 gallons per 100 square feet (sq. ft.)
      • Then apply Equinox™ Top Coat at the rate of 1.6 gallons per 100 sq. ft.
      • This includes a loss allowance of 15% for application and 10% for surface texture
    • Use extra coatings for extremely irregular roofing substrates
    • The coatings must cover all the roof as an unbroken, continuous film with a minimum dry thickness of 13.5 mils per coat
    • If you are using granules, embed them with a second top coat at the rate of:
      • 0 gallon per 100 sq. ft. for Roofing Granules
      • 50 pounds (lbs) per 100 sq. ft. for Quartz Granules


    Guidelines for the application of Equinox™ Base Coat and Equinox™ Top Coat: 

    • Make sure the personnel using the products have thoroughly read and understood the safety data sheet
    • Personnel spraying the coatings must use a NIOSH-approved mist / dust mask
    • Ensure the personnel are also wearing other, proper personal protective equipment (PPE) because the products:
      • Contain chemicals recognized by the State of California as ones that may cause cancer, reproductive disorders, and birth defects
      • Are harmful when swallowed
      • Can cause irritation for skin, eyes, and respiratory system
    • Mixing with itself may be necessary if the products are old (i.e. mix old Equinox™ Base Coat with itself in the container and Equinox™ Top Coat with itself)
    • Do not mix Equinox™ Base Coat with Equinox™ Top Coat
    • Do not thin or dilute the coating by adding other liquids, substances, or solvents
    • Before applying, ensure the surface is:
      • Dry, solid, and structurally sound
      • Finished and smooth
      • Free of impurities that prevent proper adhesion (such as contaminants, chips of roofing and other material, dirt, moisture, wax, and grease)
    • Do not apply on SPF foam surfaces that have the following textures:
      • Popcorn
      • Verge popcorn
      • Tree bark
    • For application on certain surfaces and decks, you will have to establish / install special drains, roofing vents, positive slope to drain, vapour retarders, flashings, and expansion joints
    • Temperature and Moisture guidelines:
      • Ambient temperature must be between 36°F and 100°F
      • Relative humidity must be below 80%
      • Surface temperature should be at least 5°F above dew point but less than 120°F
      • Avoid applying during inclement weather
    • The surface / roof where you apply the coating should have:
      • Less than 36 sq. ft. of water in any area with a depth of ¼-inch or more at a time of 48 hours after rains
      • Less than 5% of the total surface area under bird baths (i.e. small, irrelevant amounts of water on roofs that evaporates rapidly)
      • Preparations to rapidly drain away the water
      • Zero ponding water if the surface is polyurethane foam
    • Dispose product in a manner that complies with local, state, and federal regulations

    Storage Requirements

    Storage guidelines for Equinox™ Base Coat and Equinox™ Top Coat:

    • Store the coatings at a cool place that is:
      • Above 40°F
      • Protected from freezing
      • Out of reach of children
    • Close containers tightly after use