Commercial Spray Foam Roofing

The SPF Systems installed by members in the group represent the top-grade insulation roofing solution while providing superior protection. These foam roof insulation applications also add building strength and control air filtration, thereby reducing cooling and heating costs. While your commercial roof is being restored, each damaged area is repaired, systematically addressed, and sealed up. Then a reflective finishing coat is applied that protects the entire roof with a seamless barrier and increases energy efficiency.

Top SPF Roofing System Benefits

Clear roof of all debris, including loose gravel.

Spray foam with sloping for water drainage.

Apply Prime Time over whole roof to ensure adhesion.

Vulnerable areas reinforced with Kwik Kaulk.

Base coat is applied over entire surface

Final coat adds reflection and protects underlying system.
  • Eliminates infiltration of air, which is the leading cause of energy loss.
  • Outstanding “R-6.5” per inch insulation.
  • Added strength without notable weight increase.
  • Compatible with virtually any roof surface.
  • Can resist hurricane-force winds.
  • Addresses damaged/poor drainage.
  • Watertight, thanks to closed-cell insulation system.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Quick, cost-effective means of recoating or repairing an existing roof.
  • Installation and maintenance is less costly than with traditional membranes.
Spray Foam Roofing Contractors

Choice Roof Contractor Group™ is a nationwide network of industrial and commercial roofing contractors specializing in energy-efficient roof solutions. These professionally-trained, quality-minded professionals understand the importance of keeping building energy costs low. That is just one of the reasons why they are proud installers of Conklin’s poly foam roof insulation system.

With over 40+ years of nationwide excellence and strong performance, Conklin products stand out for their durability and energy efficiency. A Conklin foam roof insulation system can be backed by an optional, non-prorated warranty on all labor and material costs. Choice Roof Contractor members stand behind their own work on the industrial and commercial roofs they service with these products.

The Conklin Difference

There are many reasons to install a spray polyurethane foam roofing system or repair the one you already have. For one thing, cost is a big consideration. With energy prices seeming to be always on the rise, business owners everywhere are looking to cut down on their energy costs. Environmental concerns are a factor, too. A Conklin foam roof insulation solution can transform your workspace into a “green,” clean roofing system has shown ability to pay for itself within seven years in terms of energy savings.

How Does an SPF Roof Keep Energy Costs Down?

A properly installed SPF roofing system acts like an extra layer of insulation. Most heat enters industrial and commercial buildings through the roofing system. The roof acts like a giant heat sponge soaking up all the heat from the sun. That heat is then slowly transferred into the entire building. The heat transfer process can take time, and it continues long after the sun has set. The building may only be exposed to the sun an average of 12 hours per day, but the heat continues to move throughout the entire building long after the sun has gone down.

By creating a powerful insulation coating, the Conklin foam roofing system blocks all of this heat before it has a chance to move into the rest of the building. Spray polyurethane foam has over one million closed cells per square inch, making it a fantastic insulating agent. This roof system’s insulation value amounts to a value of R-6.5 per inch. That is an impressive amount of insulation that will soon make itself noticed with lowered energy costs, but we take it one step further. After the foam has been properly installed, our Choice Roof Contractors put a highly reflective top coat over the entire surface. This top coat is able to reflect up to 85% of the sun’s rays for up to 50% lower A/C costs during the summer.

Avoid Costly Roof Replacement with Foam Roof Insulation

Once your foam roof insulation system has been repaired, you can expect years of life from your commercial roof. This means you can completely avoid all of the expenses associated with costly roof replacement. If the roof does deteriorate or form any new possible problems, you can simply recoat the roof. With every new coat that is applied, the offered non-prorated warranty is also extended. You could essentially have a roof that lasts as long as the building.

Our group of contractors will be glad to help you with your existing foam roof problems. Be sure to ask us about having a member provide a free, no obligation roof inspection.

See if a Spray Foam System is Right for Your Roof

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