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Flat roofs are a common roofing option for many buildings. But they do have shortcomings, and they will have trouble. It undoubtedly would be nice to cut off those problems before they arose.

The flat roof coatings that our professional Choice Roof Contractors install gets rid of these common problems almost instantly. These commercial flat roof coating systems have also been precisely engineered to prevent futures issues, like the chronic battles with pesky leaks or ongoing deterioration caused by the weather.

Your flat roof can enjoy more than just lasting protection from the elements and from aging, too. Our Conklin flat roof coatings will make your flat roof highly energy-efficient, reinforce your building’s structural integrity, and save you money in reduced maintenance and repair costs over time. Conklin roof coatings have been one of the most trusted commercial roof coating product lines for over 40+ years. They have been applied on over 2 billion square feet of roofing throughout the United States, and they have a reported warranty claims rate of less than 0.5% (source:


The Conklin Roofing Company is also behind many of the commercial roofing industry’s “firsts”. Putting it simply, this manufacturer’s roof products represent some of the best flat roof coatings you can choose for your flat roof repair or restoration needs.

Is Flat Roof Replacement the Best Choice?

When disaster strikes any roof, it is natural to think of a complete roof replacement as the best solution. Replacing your old roof will get rid of the problems, let you start over from scratch, and enjoy the benefits provided by a new commercial roof.

But there are huge downsides to a complete roof replacement. And the new roof hardly guarantees that it will not have the same problems as the old roof down the road. There are really many factors to consider. In reality, if the damage is not overtly extensive, a flat roof restoration may be the more effective and more economical answer.

With flat roof replacement, you’ll deal with:
  • Expensive roof tear-off
  • Big labor costs
  • High material costs by volume
  • Expensive landfill and disposal
  • Delayed business operations
  • Expensive roof maintenance
With flat roof restoration, instead you’ll get:
  • No expensive roof tear-off
  • Low labor cost inputs
  • Lower material cost inputs
  • No landfill or disposal costs
  • No delay in operations
  • Fewer maintenance costs
What Are the Other Benefits of Flat Roof Coating Systems?

Our nationwide network of professional commercial roof contractors uses Conklin roof coatings for many reasons. To show why, it is helpful to consider what they can do for your existing flat roof:

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  • Provides another layer of completely seamless protection across your old roof
  • Adds decades to your old roof’s life expectancy without difficulty
  • Capable of being applied on virtually any type of commercial flat roof
  • Non-prorated warranties cover all labor and material costs for their coverage period
  • Only roof coating systems to have non-prorated warranties that last up to 18 years
  • Makes your commercial roof ENERGY STAR®-certified
  • Roof coatings can be expensed as maintenance for tax benefits
  • Can lower your flat roof surface’s temperature by 80°
  • Restored roof can bounce off 85% of the sun’s heat and protect roof from thermal shock
  • Greatly improves energy efficiency
  • Save up to 30% on annual cooling costs, or even more

All of our professional commercial roof contractor members are factory-trained by Conklin for warrantied service as well as for professional roof systems application. Plus, you benefit from the group-wide accountability and sharing of knowledge throughout our nationwide network.

All Flat Roof Problems Taken Care Of


Our commercial roofing professionals will address the problems commonly associated with commercial flat roofs of all sizes. These include:

  • Pools of water sitting on roof surface
  • Chronic roof leaking
  • Roof cracking or deterioration
  • Energy inefficiency
  • Frequent maintenance and repair needs


Because Choice Roof Contractors are professionally trained, they can handle any flat roof no matter its size, difficulty, unique demands, or current condition.

When it comes to your flat roof, you don’t have to put up with time-consuming, expensive roof replacement or costly localized repairs over time. With Conklin roof coatings, all of your flat roof’s problems are addressed, and your roof will have its life extended and be serviced by qualified roof professionals.