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When callChoice Roof Contractor Group was formed, it was done so with the intent of forming a nationwide group of quality-minded, professional roofing contractors that could respond to any commercial roofing need. In turn, the contractors’ efforts would be bolstered by a suite of exclusive membership advantages, benefits, and support services for strong gains in the contractors’ local roofing markets and beyond.

Today, our commitment to quality and our members’ growing success stories remains as strong as ever. Making sure that our members really have all of the resources they need for success, we offer access to high-quality, compelling sales materials that fully communicate our network’s value to building owners.

These materials ensure that our members are well-represented, granting them even more opportunities to jumpstart or quickly grow their roofing businesses to new levels of competitiveness.

Professional Representation

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    With the sales materials that Choice Roof Contractor Group provides, you can be sure that you are getting the best professional representation in the hands of business owners and commercial real estate owners.

    Here are the specific benefits and advantages that our roofing contractor group extends:

    • Powerful, interactive presentations
    • Exclusive membership access to over 1,000 photos
    • Comprehensive, personalized roofing contractor websites
    • Free access to the pages and blog content posted on this website
    • Low-cost handouts and related sales material (e.g., business cards, marketing brochures, product sell sheets, direct mail pieces, and more)
    • Roofing system samples

    Our team of highly experienced, insightful marketing professionals has spent countless hours putting together direct mail flyers, marketing collateral, PowerPoint presentations, and the like. As you can see, we are able to offer our contractor members nothing but the best value.

    Benefit from Our Online Presence and Lead Generation Service

    Why Contractors Join Our Network

    • Lead Generation
    • Mentorship Program
    • Complete Training
    • Discounted Pricing
    • Marketing Support
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    Because customer prospects are increasingly flocking to the Internet for finding local businesses, our in-house marketing team makes certain that our network alliance is as well-represented online as well as it is in the physical world. We are constantly connecting prospective commercial roofing customers with cutting-edge information and content that both informs their decision-making and demonstrates to them our tremendous value proposition.

    We capture high-quality leads and their information from our interactive map, where prospects can go to locate the Choice Roof Contractor that is closest to their locations. In turn, as we generate these leads off our website, we refer them to the closest Choice Roof Contractors in those areas. That ensures that you remain connected with enterprising business opportunities in your local region that have strong chances of lead conversion.

    We abide by the same standards on our phone contacts as well. Like on our website, our phone operators direct building owners to the closest Choice Roof Contractor nearby. Thus, you can rest assured that prospects will come right back to you.

    The Best Commercial Roof Contractor Network Nationwide

    callIn addition to granting access to attention-getting, persuasive sales materials, we offer our roofing contractors multiple other benefits.

    • Expert sales coaching so that you can answer all concerns and close more sales
    • Extensive, in-depth mentorship guidance and support for your roofing business
    • Wholesale pricing on the leading roofing products
    • Identification with a nationwide organization backed by 40+ years of high-performance standards
    • Expert marketing and sales support and consultation for sustained market exposure
    • A nationwide network of like-minded, professional roofing contractors

    As can be seen, we truly have all of your needs covered. When our members are successful, we benefit from that success as well.

    In short, when you join our nationwide network, you get unparalleled support and resources for success beginning on day one. Contact us today to learn how we can partner with you and help you make your commercial roofing business a big success story.