Discounted Pricing on Roofing Products

callAcross the United States, demand for high-performance, energy-efficient roofing solutions is on the rise, and that demand is slated to keep on growing. As a nationwide contractor network, Choice Roof Contractor Group offers budding entrepreneurs and seasoned roofing veterans a powerful, unique way to take advantage of this fast growth. With our unique platform, contractors get access to Conklin roofing systems, a series of roofing products that have been the commercial roofing industry’s benchmark for excellence for four decades and still going.

Our network makes these roofing products available at discounted pricing, and with all of the other exclusive benefits and advantages we offer through our nationwide platform, the opportunity for contractors to take their roofing companies to the next level has never been greater.

Increased Profit Margins

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    >When Conklin was engineering products that would soon take the roofing industry in a whole new direction, it concentrated on developing products that would be almost guaranteed solutions to any roofing issue. Aware of a business owner’s central focus on cutting costs whenever possible, though, the manufacturer also engineered its roofing systems to have multiple cost-saving benefits, which then exponentially increased their buyer attractiveness.

    Almost 40+ years later, Conklin roofing systems have been installed on over 2 billion square feet of rooftops across the United States, and many roofing systems that were installed back in the 1970s are still fully performing today. Despite all those years, however, Conklin’s competitors still cannot compare to the level of consumer value that Conklin products convey, and yet they are still marketed at steep retail pricing. Alternatively, Choice Roof Contractor Group’s program with Conklin gives contractors access to these industry-leading roofing systems at a discounted rate, giving them room for substantial profit margin increases.

    In addition, when a Choice Roof Contractor goes to Conklin systems training, he or she obtains another 3% discount on Conklin roofing products on top of the lower pricing we provide, thereby yielding greater opportunities for stronger profitability.

    Unmatchable Product Quality

    Simplycall put, our network uses Conklin roofing systems because they are the best on today’s market. Few competitors can compete with the value we have to offer our customers with these energy-saving products. To see how Conklin roofing systems are so consumer needs-driven, just check out the benefits that they offer below:

    • Non-prorated warranties that cover labor and materials
    • Extended roof life for up to 40+ years
    • Big savings on heating and cooling costs throughout the year
    • Sealing off leaks and prevention of their future occurrences
    • Much lower roofing maintenance and repair costs
    • Little added deadweight to a building’s structure
    • Strong resistance against hurricane-force winds and fire incidents

    With all of these benefits, both new and experienced contractors can fast-track their roofing businesses toward success.

    Why Go for Commercial Roofing?

    Industry call reports say that commercial roofing sales will top $5.3 billion in 2014, and residential and commercial roofing sales will increase to $27.2 billion in 2017. Much of that sales growth will come from construction of new offices and other commercial real estate throughout the United States.

    However, the industry’s growth will be accompanied undoubtedly by fierce bidding competition for commercial roofing jobs. Commercial real estate owners are always on the lookout to cut costs whenever possible, and the roofing contractors who offer high-performance roofing products that are affordable will encounter great success. Conklin roofing systems are an effective answer to all of their troubles, and the utility cost savings these systems generate are so big they can pay for themselves in just 4 to 7 years. Plus, they’re ENERGY Star® certified, which means commercial building owners can save even more money in the tax credits, benefits, and advantages they receive.

    Putting it simply, they’re an easy sell. With these advantages and more, Conklin’s roofing product competitors just really cannot rise up to the same level.

    In addition, when you sign up to be a Choice Roof Contractor, you get access to all of our exclusive membership benefits such as expert marketing support, in-depth sales training and coaching, free lead generation, and extensive mentorship for the lifecycle of your business’ development. We cover everything that you need to be successful in this growing industry, so that you can build a highly profitable commercial roofing business with speed and decisiveness.

    Give us a call today, and we’ll help you take your roofing business to new heights.