Want to Boost Profit and Improve Service?

In-House Team vs. Hired Roof Contractors

In-House Team
  • Minimum repair costs
  • Trusted employees we fully train
  • No delays when service is needed
  • Easily coordinated assistance
Hired Help
  • High repair costs
  • Uncertain expertise of contractors
  • Must depend on others for service
  • Scheduling conflicts very likely


Certification, Training and Ongoing Support Provided

supportWe provide everything your maintenance team needs in a tightly-knit package that includes warranty certified training, on-site mentorship, and discounted access to the industry’s most trusted roofing products. Simply put, Choice Roof Contractor Group can help property management companies who want to effortlessly increase cash flow and take care of highly profitable commercial roof projects themselves.

Your team will receive the same hands-on training and ongoing mentorship needed to tackle all commercial roof problems. Because cost shouldn’t be a factor, it’ll be at a fraction of the time and money it usually takes to get started in commercial roofing as we’ll always be there to help your team. You won’t find better support or resources anywhere else!

How can I benefit from Choice Roof Contractor Group?

With our trusted partners and service providers, you won’t find a better support network than what we offer.

Blue-Check-Icon Easy and Convenient StartupWith our full support and Conklin’s trusted roofing systems, handing commercial roofing maintenance and repair has never been easier.
marketing Best Products at Discounted RatesEnjoy access to today’s leading energy-efficient, lasting commercial roofing products by leveraging our unique relationship with Conklin.
lifetime-guarantee Strong, Expert TrainingYour maintenance professional will get direct access to quality, in-depth training as well as one-on-one time with Conklin’s master contractors.
partners Free On-The-Job AssistanceGet on-site guidance from one of Conklin’s most knowledgeable commercial roof contractors. All at no cost to commercial property managers.
mentors Lifetime Expert SupportYou and your team are able to send pictures, video, or texts of roof problems at any time for feedback. We’ll always be available to help.
If you have more questions, call us today at 800-670-5583