Another Craftsman Finds Dynamic Business Potential in Commercial Roofing

We’ve heard many stories of how Conklin roof coatings and membranes have brought powerful, transformative opportunities to life for new and experienced contractors. From encouraging tales of budding entrepreneurship to dynamite company growth, there’s been no shortage of testimonials from people whose lives have been changed. Today, we take a look at how Conklin and other timely resources are helping a young, capable Wisconsin craftsman carve out his emerging success story.

Small Town Setting, Big-Time Potential

Simon TroyerBased out of the small village of Coloma, Wisconsin, Simon Troyer says he’s always enjoyed doing construction. And now that he has a commercial roofing division up-and-running as part of his business, he is tremendously excited for the future.

When asked to describe his professional background up to this point, Simon says it’s been a gradual process. With the business opportunities from Conkin and dedicated support from Choice Roof Contractor Group, though, Simon truly feels confident in his business outlook.

Like many great stories, Simon’s story is rooted in humble beginnings. It starts with his entrance into the construction industry around eight years ago or so.

Setting the Foundation

In 2007, he embarked on a career in construction, slowly before he was married. In those days, Simon worked with family on various small construction projects and occasionally completed work that came his way. He had grown up in a sawmill and on a family dairy farm, and from there he had been looking for a change of pace.

Over the years Simon honed his technique as well as his passion for construction and helping others, qualities which define his business to this day. Bit-by-bit, he learned the ins-and-outs of many aspects of carpentry, remodeling, roofing, and others. It set a firm foundation for when he would start out in business for himself.

Entrepreneurship Beckons

After five years of working with others, Simon decided he wanted to strike out on his own. He desired to provide a stable life for his family, and the independence and profit potential that come up with business ownership were hard to dismiss. With his construction skill set, Simon was confident he would be able to run his own business. In late 2012, desire became reality. Simon launched Troyer Carpentry, buoyed by the craftsmanship skills he had developed over the years as a quality-minded construction professional.

When Simon recalls those days, he says that times were good, but he remained on the lookout for additional business opportunities that would strengthen his family’s quality of life. It wasn’t clear yet, but Simon had actually come across the Conklin business opportunity that would open up new doors for him later. In the months before he formally started his own business, a friend introduced him to Conklin and spoke of the opportunities. Simon’s interest was piqued, but he wasn’t quite ready to take the leap.

Timely Re-Encounter

A few years later, Simon had built his business to be a respectable company that performed occasional residential repair work along with bigger-scale home construction projects. His desire to better his family’s well-being remained as strong as ever. He had examined other business opportunities, but close scrutiny had revealed them to be not so promising. A chance re-encounter with the Conklin business opportunity proved to be a turning point.

About two years or so after he had first heard of Conklin, Simon was again reacquainted with it by who is now fellow Choice Roof Contractor John Miller of A-1 Roofing Systems. This time around, Simon was more impressed by what Conklin offers. John spoke of how long Conklin had been around as a company, and how others were achieving the financial security they’d dreamed of with its diverse product line. Simon appreciated how he’d have more time to spend with his family, along with how he’d be helping other people with Conklin’s great products.

Taking the Leap

After seeing what he could accomplish with this unique opportunity, Simon decided to take the plunge. He signed up in Conklin, and he went to its comprehensive roof systems training in June 2013. At the training program, Simon says he was tremendously impressed by the depth of the instruction itself. It truly gave him the confidence that he could add a new division to his construction company—a commercial roofing business unit—and he could give his family the life he wanted them to have.

New Developments and Emerging Opportunities

In time, Simon heard of another appealing group that built on top of Conklin’s roofing business opportunity. John Miller spoke of a group that offers dedicated support and resources to help contractors achieve success, Choice Roof Contractor Group. Simon says now he was impressed by the network’s free lead generation as well as its lifetime mentorship and support programs.

A prudent business owner, Simon slowly began interacting with Choice Roof Contractor Group and its support team. In time, he saw firsthand how he could benefit from it, and in April 2014, he signed on as a full member.

Based on his expertise as a construction professional as well as his experience with the Conklin products, Simon was appointed “Choice Roof Contractor” status. Now that he has joined the group, Simon has been actively bidding on commercial roofs and taking on new opportunities to take his rebranded construction company, Troyer Roofing & Construction, in a new direction. It’s a dramatic change from where Simon says he was just seven years ago.

Simon’s Thoughts

When asked about advice he would give to new contractors or people who are considering taking up commercial roofing, Simon emphasizes that action is needed today. It doesn’t pay off if one waits to do something for months or years, because he or she is foregoing great opportunities that could be around the corner.

Simon also expresses his confidence about the future and its potential for him, his business, and his family. He’s grateful for the support he’s been given by Choice Roof Contractor Group, and with a little bit of time and this great support network at his back, there’s no limit to what he can accomplish. In a nutshell, he feels empowered to scale his business to new heights and to inspire others to do the same. After all, Simon says, they can look at what he has done—made a transformation from a budding craftsman to a capable professional who’s ready to take his business to the next level. All it takes is the determination and resolve to begin with that critical first step, and you can open the door to a world of boundless opportunity.

Should you be interested in learning more about Conklin and our support network, give Simon’s business a call at 855-552-2343. He would look forward to discussing how we can give you dedicated support for helping you establish your own successful business.

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Written by: Ian Myers
Ian Myers
Ian was the very first team member brought on by the original co-founders of the Choice Roof Contractor Group to assist with nationwide growth. Since then he has written 120+ blog posts and provided excellent support to the roofing contractors in the group. Through his multiple roles in the commercial roofing industry, he has gained tremendous knowledge in the sector.