Conklin 360-S Urethane Sealant

Moisture-Curing Elastomeric Urethane Sealant

Product Description

Available in gray, white, and dark-bronze colors, Conklin 360-S™ is a single-element, elastomeric, urethane sealant. This caulking compound is different from other sealants because it uses moisture for curing, thereby making it perfect for application in cool and humid conditions.

360-S works best on control and expansion joints. It establishes high-quality adhesion that withstands cracking, most types of corrosive chemicals, and water for prolonged durations. It can be painted over after curing and is good for application on surfaces made of:

  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Masonry
  • Aluminum
  • Glass

The sealant is formulated to work with the following products:

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  • Puma XL, Rapid Roof III, Rapid Roof HV, Benchmark, and Equinox
  • Flexion
  • Hy-Crown
  • Wall Kote
  • Wall-Up


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    General guidelines for the application of the 360-S™ Urethane Sealant:

    • Ensure that the personnel using the sealant have read and completely understood the safety data sheet for each sealant
    • Make sure the personnel are wearing the required personal protection equipment (PPE) because the sealant:
      • Includes chemicals that the State of California recognizes as those that can cause cancer, reproductive disorders, and birth defects
      • Is harmful or even fatal when swallowed
    • Use a NIOSH-approved mist / dust mask when applying the sealant
    • Apply 360-S™ when ambient temperature is at or above 40°F
    • Open the sealant containers only after completely preparing the surfaces
    • The surface for application of the product must be:
      • Thoroughly dry
      • Completely free from dirt, peeling or loose paint, grease, rust, oil, debris of the damaged substrate, polishes, wax, and other contaminants

    Surface-specific preparation guidelines before the application of the 360-S™ Urethane Sealant:

    • Hy-Crown
      • Wipe clean with xylene solvent
      • Remove moisture completely for a wet surface will create blisters and cause the product to fail at the interface
    • Masonry
      Clean with the following techniques until you remove all impurities from the surface:

      • Sandblasting
      • Grinding
      • Wire brushing
    • Wood and Painted Wood
      • Eliminate all existing coatings (if any) from the surface. If this is not possible, check the sealant for adhesion on a smaller area before application over the entire surface
      • Remove soft, weathered, or treated surfaces
      • Ensure the surface is clean, dry, fresh, and structurally sound before application
    • Metal
      Before you apply the sealant, the metal should be visible as a bright surface:

      • Remove all traces of rust, scaling, and corrosion
      • Use solvents to wipe out films, coatings, and chemical residues
      • Eliminate lacquer coated onto aluminum frames by cleaning with a rag soaked in methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)
      • Primer coats are sometimes required for aluminum frames covered with other type of coatings
    • Other Caulks / Fillers
      • Absolutely avoid using backer of filler rods soaked in tar, oil, or any type of migratory saturant because these prevent proper adhesion of 360-S™
      • Prevent contact of 360-S™ with silicones, oil-based caulks, butyl rubber, or alcohol-based solvents / materials
    • Dispose 360-S™ sealant in a manner that complies with local, state, and federal rules on the disposal of hazardous substances

    Storage Requirements

    • Store the 360-S™ sealant at a location that is:
      • Cool and dry
      • Above 40°F
      • Protected from freezing
      • Away from direct sunshine and heat
      • Out of reach of children
      • Close containers tightly after use