Conklin Wac II™ Cleaner

High Strength Weathered Acrylic Roof Cleaner

Product Description

Conklin Wac II™ is a roof cleaner designed specifically for cleaning Conklin’s weathered acrylic roof coatings and other approved Single-Ply membranes. The surface best cleaned by Wac II™ is Conklin’s Single-Ply Recoat system. Wac II™ is also used to clean aged rubber (EPDM) roofs before applying the Conklin Approved Single-Ply recoating system.

Highly effective and unique, Wac II™ eliminates all dirt and leaves behind absolutely no residue. Surfaces cleaned by Wac II™ are ideal for coating with the Tack Coat primer and the Rapid Roof III top coat.

Coverage Rate

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    • Average coverage rate is 400-500 square feet per gallon
    • Precise coverage rate depends on the roof condition


    • Ensure that the personnel using Wac II™ have read and thoroughly understood the safety data sheet
    • Use the cleaner in well ventilated areas
    • Make sure the personnel are wearing the proper personal protective equipment because Wac II™:
      • Contains chemicals that the State of California recognizes as those that cause cancer, reproductive disorders, and birth defects
      • Is harmful or fatal if swallowed
      • Is corrosive and may cause burns
    • For best results, wet the roof surface with water before applying the produc
    • Always apply at full strength – DO NOT DILUTE
    • Use a roller, brush, or tank sprayer for application (the best devices for applying Wac II™ are airless spray equipment or portable sprayers with a 0.019 to 0.022 spray tip)
    • After application, leave Wac II™ on the surface for approximately 10-20 minutes – do not allow the cleaner to dry on the surface (if it starts to dry out in hot weather, moisten the roof surface with water to keep it in liquid state)
    • Before the cleaner dries out on the roof surface:
      • Agitate with a brush or a stiff bristle broom before the product dries on the surface (stiff bristle broom is necessary to clean highly dirty areas such as low spots)
      • Rinse with water using high-pressure spray
    • Before applying coatings on the cleaned roof surface, ensure that you:
      • Remove all Wac II™ residue, grease, dirt, debris, and chalk from the roof surface
      • Allow the roof surface to dry completely
    • Do not bring Wac II™ in contact with grasses, plants, and trees
    • Dispose in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations

    Storage Requirements

    • Store the product in a way that it:
      • Does not freeze
      • Is always out of reach of children
    • Close container after each use