Conklin Prime Time™ and Prime Time Plus™

Product Description

Conklin Prime Time™ Acrylic Roof Primer and Conklin Prime Time Plus™ Fire Resistant Acrylic Roof Primer are superior quality acrylic, elastomeric, and monolithic, latex roof primers. Both primers ensure the top performance of Conklin roofing systems.

Available in dark gray color, both primers are formulated to prepare the following surfaces for application of top coats:

  • Asphalt
  • Polyurethane Foam
  • Built-Up Roofing

Fire Resistance of Prime Time Plus™

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    Conklin Prime Time Plus™ stands out with top-class fire-resistance. It is best suited for application over spray-in-place polyurethane foam and can also be applied on other materials that need a fire-rated coating. Prime Time™ is more useful for preparing very weathered, rough, and irregular substrates of the mentioned type.

    Following top coats work well on surfaces primed by Prime Time™ and Prime Time Plus™:

    • Benchmark™ Acrylic Latex Roof Coating
    • Equinox™ Acrylic Latex Roof Coating
    • Rapid Roof™ III Acrylic Latex Roof Coating
    • PUMA XL™ Urethane Modified Roof Coating

    Coverage Rate

    Following are the coverage rates for both primers, Prime Time™ and Prime Time Plus™:

    • Approximate coverage rate is 1 gallon over 100-130 square feet (sq. ft.) of roof surface
    • Precise coverage rates depend on the actual roof conditions


    When applying Prime Time™ and Prime Time Plus™:

    • Ensure that the personnel have read and completely understood the safety data sheet
    • If personnel are spraying the primers, make sure they use a NIOSH-approved mist / dust mask
    • Also, ensure the personnel are wearing other, relevant personal protective equipment (PPE) because the primers:
      • Contain chemicals that the State of California recognizes as those that may cause birth defects, cancer, and reproductive disorders
      • Are harmful when swallowed
      • Can cause irritation for skin, eyes, and the respiratory system
    • Mix the primers completely with themselves before use (i.e. mix Prime Time™ with itself in the container before use). Similarly, mix Prime Time Plus™ with itself before use
    • Temperature and Moisture guidelines:
      • Ambient temperature must be (a) above 40°F and below 90°F for Prime Time™; (b) above 40°F and below 100°F for Prime Time Plus™
      • Relative humidity must be below 80%
      • Surface temperature should be (a) at least 5°F above dew point but less than 100°F for Prime Time™; (b) at least 5°F above dew point but less than 120°F for Prime Time Plus™
      • Do not apply in inclement weather
    • The surface / roof where you apply the primers should have:
      • Less than 36 sq. ft. of water in any area with a depth of ¼-inch or more at a time of 48 hours after rains
      • Less than 5% of the total surface area under bird baths (i.e. small, irrelevant water ponds on roofs that evaporate rapidly)
      • Arrangements to quickly drain away water
      • Zero ponding water if the surface is polyurethane foam
    • Clean and agitate the roof surfaces thoroughly before applying the primers
    • For touch-up jobs and for application on small-area surfaces, use a natural fiber brush of good quality
    • For application on large-area surfaces, use spray equipment or rollers
    • Allow the primers to dry before applying the top coat
    • Dispose the primers in a manner that adheres to relevant local, state, and federal regulations

    Storage Requirements

    • Store the primers at a cool location that is:
      • Above 40°F
      • Protected from freezing
      • Out of reach of children
    • Close containers tightly when not using the primers