Conklin Butyl Tape Seam Sealer

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Butyl Tape is Conklin’s self-adhesive material that serves as an alternative to base coats and fabrics when coating metal roof seams during inclement weather. The tape combines the inherent merits of butyl adhesive with the toughness and flexibility of Spunflex™.

You cannot apply base coats and fabrics over the side-lap (vertical) and end-lap (horizontal) seams on metal roofs during inclement weather. Instead, you can peel and stick Butyl Tape over the seams because the tape allows for immediate application of the top coat. This saves considerable time and money.

Not designed to act as a seam sealer on its own, you have apply a top coat over Butyl Tape right away. You can use the following of Conklin’s top coats to immediately cover the tape:

  • Benchmark™
  • Rapid Roof™ HV
  • Rapid Roof™ III


  • Removal of the wrapping over 3-inch and 6-inch rolls of Butyl Tape can be a tough task. Cooling the rolls down allows for easy removal of the wrapping:
    • Place the roll in a freezer and pull out the wrapping when the roll freezes
    • Arrange for a cooler with ice on the jobsite. Freeze the rolls before attempting to remove the wrapping
  • When applying the tape, ensure that you do not stretch it
  • Roll the tape for quarter of an inch more after you come to the edge of the roof (the extra tape will ensure that water will not work around the edges)

Storage Requirements

  • Never stack Butyl Tape rolls over one another because they adhere to each other making it difficult to separate them
  • Always use a bond breaker between two tape rolls until they are completely used