Conklin SpunFlex & SpunFlex II Fabric Reinforcement

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SpunFlex & SpunFlex II Fabric Reinforcement are Conklin’s 100% knit polyester fabrics.

These fabric reinforcements form a membrane of phenomenal tensile and tear strength when embedded into certain Conklin roof coatings and thereby add years of life to the roofing system. The membrane is remarkably resistant to rupturing and splitting along seams and protrusions where roofs are most prone to leakages.

More flexible than and two times as thick as the standard SpunFlex, SpunFlex II saves time and labor where double fabric layers are required. Note: On metal roofs, SpunFlex is used on side lap (i.e. vertical seams) while SpunFlex II is used on end lap (i.e. horizontal seams).

Both fabric reinforcements can be embedded into the following of Conklin’s roof coatings:

  • Benchmark™
  • Rapid Roof™ HV
  • Rapid Roof™ III
  • Puma™ XL
  • Equinox™


  • When applying the fabric reinforcements, ensure that you do not stretch them. Roll them slowly and carefully while using your finger to check that it is not stretched. Please note, the fabric is elastic and you may stretch it unknowingly.

Roll the fabric for quarter of an inch more after you come to the edge of the roof. The extra fabric will ensure that water will not work around the edges.