Reasons to Choose Conklin Roof Coatings

When it comes to white roof coating reviews, one company stands out from the rest in terms of customer satisfaction, quality and overall performance excellence. It’s no wonder thousands of roofing professionals, including the experts belonging to the Choice Roof Contractor Group, put their trust into our preferred manufacturer.

Unparalleled Excellence

conklin coatingWe speak, of course, of Conklin. For more than 40+ years, the Conklin company has offered innovative products that have revolutionized the roofing industry. Among these are Conklin’s exceptional roof coatings—a technology the company helped pioneer back in the 1970s and has gone strong ever since.

Roof coatings are incredible, restorative solutions that revitalize old roofing systems and greatly extend their functional life. Anyone who has lived through (and paid for) a roof replacement knows just how expensive, time-consuming, business-disrupting and labor-intensive it is. If you could have your roof restored rather than replaced (and at a fraction of the cost), wouldn’t you do it? The answer, of course, is a resounding “Yes!” And that has been the answer from countless customers for decades.

Conklin Coating Benefits

conklin coatingConklin roof coating systems are fully adhered, seamless membranes that are applied right over top of an existing roof. These coatings not only cost significantly less than replacing a roof, they fully restore an old roof to like-new condition and boast a host of other impressive benefits, as well. After perusing the list of assets these innovative systems offer, it’s easy to see why roof coatings have continued to sweep the roofing industry ever since Conklin was part of introducing them!

Some of the standout benefits of Conklin roof coating systems include:

  • ENERGY STAR® certification
  • Extends the life of an old roof
  • Much less expensive and disruptive than roof replacement
  • Elastic properties allow roof coatings to expand and contract with changing temperatures
  • Heat and UV reflectivity helps reduce utility costs
  • A coating system that helps pay for itself in terms of utility cost savings
  • Industry-leading, non-prorated warranty options
  • Roofs can be recoated for indefinite life extension
  • Coatings help reinforce building structure
  • Can be installed in any climate in the U.S.
  • Major code approvals
  • And more!

The question for every building owner is: “Why replace a roof when you can restore it?” And the obvious answer is: “You shouldn’t!”

A Nationwide Crew of Roof Coating Experts

conklin coatingChoice Roof Contractor Group is a nationwide professional roofers association comprised of commercial contractors throughout the United States. By linking arms with Conklin, our group members have access to exclusive training opportunities and a first-rate mentorship program. Our members also have the unique benefit of groupwide expertise and accountability. Contractors in the group work collaboratively with one another to help ensure customers throughout the United States receive the very highest quality workmanship and expertise!

Expert Services Are a Click or Call Away!

To find a Choice Roof Contractor Group member your area, give us a call at (800) 670-5583 or visit the contact page of our website. We’ll connect you up with a trusted, verified roofing expert you can count on!


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Written by: Cami Cox
Cami Cox
Cami is one of the main writers at Choice Roof Contractor Group. Leveraging her unique background in the space and more than a decade of professional writing experience, she has written countless articles on the various aspects of commercial roofs and has gained the respect of building owners and contractors across the country.