Workshop and Forum Videos

Here is just a snapshot of all the different things to expect at the Choice Roof Contractor Group Workshop and Forum. To register, visit Workshop & Forum Registration.

Hands-on with Metal Roof Coatings

Roofing contractors share important tips that result in longer-lasting roof coating applications as well as faster installation.

How to Close More Commercial Sales

Will shares how he approaches commercial roofing prospects with his services when cold calling as part of a panel discussion.

Experience Being Part of our Group

Coming together to learn from each other and then support each other long-term allows for far greater success than if we were on our own.

One-on-One Discussions with Experts

Lee shows another contractor the process of using a single-ply membrane overtop of an existing metal roof using ISO board.

Best Marketing Strategies Used by Group

Learn highly effective marketing tactics that are not overused by others. Full session shows how to do many things yourself.

Best Techniques for Single-Ply Installs

Our members show attendees installation and tips. During the session, attendees also share their install techniques with each other.

Contractor Attends 2nd Workshop

Mark from Idaho comes to his 2nd workshop in Florida just two months after joining us in Montana. He talks about what stands out to him the most about these events.

Priceless Knowledge Gained

In this testimonial from someone who traveled 2500+ miles, Amos shares the importance of continually learning from others in the field to be more successful.

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