2015: Year in Review

At the end of 2014, Choice Roof Contractor Group had finished up a great year. There had been highlights like a couple members having prospects for 1.5 million square feet of roofing. Another member had started helping an Air Force Base in Louisiana with waterproofing their metal roofs.

However, 2015 turned out to be even more of a blockbuster year! From amazing growth stories from new and existing members to the successful rollout of a new Commercial Roofing Workshop & Forum – and more – it was clear. Choice Roof Contractor Group is reaching new pinnacles nationally – and the foundation has been set for more noteworthy results in 2016.

More Generated Leads for Group

roof coatingIn 2014, Choice Roof Contractor Group had received a little over 100 requests for roofing projects via our lead generation service. This year saw an ample increase – more than 200 roofing leads were generated, including several leads of 100,000+ square feet. In other words, our lead gen program more than doubled!

These project requests spanned the entire landscape – new installation, repairs, coating systems, and replacements. Many contacts specifically requested Conklin to be bid for their roofing needs, as well. In the future, the lead generation program will continue to be an excellent complement to endorsed contractors’ own bidding efforts.

Amazing Growth Stories Like Jeff’s 10 Sold Roof Coating Jobs in 1st Year

roof coatingThere were numerous stories of growth from members this year. With insights offered by fellow members, the group support, and assistance from partners, our members hit new levels of business success. One powerful testimony is found in the growth of Kansas City-based Midwest Roofing.

Over nearly a 10-year period, company owner Jeff Schendel had built Midwest Roofing to a multi-million-dollar enterprise. Before joining the group, Midwest been doing about 25% commercial work based on referrals. Jeff had tried adding coatings to the company portfolio, but without proper support, the efforts had been unsuccessful. Now with the group’s support, Midwest sold 10 coating jobs its first year, grew commercial from 25% to 40% in one year, and is lining up a 260,000 square foot project worth $1.2 million for next year. Here the whole story here: https://www.choiceroofcontractors.com/conference-call-jeffs-first-year/.

Member Forms ½ Million Dollar Relationship Leveraging Group Association

roof coatingAs owner of Hometown Commercial Roofing, Carl Humes is committed to quality work and service. While serving customers, at times Carl had interacted with insurance claims adjusters. The experience the adjusters had with Hometown was extremely positive – not only did they praise Carl for his professionalism and courtesy, they also noted the high-caliber quality of Hometown’s workmanship.

In turn, this led to Hometown being recommended as a preferred vendor with a major public adjusting firm in Texas. As a Supported Contractor in the group, Carl was able to leverage the group’s reputation to handle any commercial roofing project and our members’ years of knowledge. With this value proposition, he formed a relationship with this public adjuster that is expected to bring at least $500,000 in ready-to-sign contracts per year (70% commercial work).

Workshop is Rolled Out – 63 Attendees in First Two Events

roof coatingThis year, Choice Roof Contractor Group rolled out a new addition to our nationwide platform: hosting Commercial Roofing Workshop & Forums across the United States. We held our first event at the facility of Schrock Commercial Roofing in Montana with great results. The event was hosted by group members with over 120 years of combined experience in roofing, construction, and marketing.

Over 35 attendees from 9 states ventured out to meet everyone in person, network, and learn how they could better their businesses. The event covered a wide array of business-building tips, including effective marketing & sales strategies, more efficient roofing techniques, open discussion sessions, and more. Our 2nd Commercial Roofing Workshop & Forum in Florida was also a sound success, with 28 contractors attending from 8 states countrywide.

Contractors Find Ways to Make the Group Even Better

roof coatingWith the group’s fast growth, members have been taking efforts to further better themselves and each other. From sharing their insights or knowledge to providing motivation or encouragement, group members propelled everyone to reach new heights. One example is found in the contractor-sharing business development calls hosted by Max Cruz of Massachusetts-based Cudeso Commercial Roofing.

In recent times, Max has led member discussions on compelling, helpful topics like how to organize your company for greater efficient and operation. Other call focuses have been on hiring quality people for business growth, mental preparation for business scaling, setting up a company that runs itself, and more content. It’s been very exciting to see members helping each other in this way and so many others.

Best Attendance Ever at Conklin Events

roof coatingOn December 16, Choice Roof Contractor Group hosted its biggest group of contractors at year-end Conklin events. It was by far the biggest group of our members to attend Conklin’s roof applicator training program and the Conklin Business Seminar.

Over 19 people participated in the events over three days, where we networked and learned more about everyone’s businesses and goals. The roof applicator training and business seminar also provided a great introduction or more valuable information on the quality products offered by Conklin. They also showcased the recurring income opportunities available with building a team of Conklin product users.


In short, 2015 was another amazing breakout year for Choice Roof Contractor Group. With such an amazing year of growth last year, we can’t wait to see what 2016 holds. If you’re a contractor looking to expand your commercial business or interested in sharing your knowledge with others while benefiting from their success, call us! You can reach us at (800) 670-5583 – we look forward to speaking with you!

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Written by: Jonathan Keim
Jonathan Keim
Jonathan founded the group 10+ years ago. He brings a wealth of experience in commercial roofing that spans from marketing, sales, product support and much more. In addition to connecting building owners to reputable service providers throughout the nation, he has helped more than 300 contractors expand in the commercial roofing industry.