2017 is Off to an Exciting Start!

The enthusiasm that built up throughout the final months of 2016 has transferred over into the new year! The contractors in our group are fired up for 2017!

In a kick-off call, we reflected over the prior year and discussed how to make 2017 the best year yet for each of our individual businesses. It was a great call where contractors openly discussed what worked best and what should be avoided next year.

It is truly a blessing to have such a dedicated, passion-filled, and supportive team that makes up the Choice Roof Contractor Group. With all that being said, here a few of the highlights throughout the first group call of 2017.

“New Roofers on Track to Beat Prior Records by Large Margin!”

contractors-helpingWith dozens of up-and-coming contractors across the nation joining Choice Roof Contractor Group for first-rate support, the future has never looked brighter for all of us! Early activity points to a banner year in 2017, with more sq. ft. expected to be serviced in the first two quarters than all of 2016. With much encouragement from the rest of the members on the call, the feeling of camaraderie could be felt between everyone! This just shows that even the younger contractors can achieve great goals with the backing of such a reputable and experienced team.

“We’re Going to Incredible Heights this Year!”

tall commercial buildingFollowing estimate requests from companies as big as Yahoo! (NASDAQ: YHOO) last year, we’re entering big leagues and Sam Hostetler knows that we can dominate.

Sam, an original member of Choice Roof Contractor Group, is passionate and excited to reinvest into this group because he believes in the team’s readiness and ability to hit new levels.

Sam understands reaching loftier goals will take a substantial amount of money in the marketing side of Choice Roof Contractor Group, but he is committed to the cause and committed to investing his personal funds to help us grow!

“I Want To Be More Efficient In Closing Leads, Too!”

commercial roofing contractorsLively chatter and feedback was heard throughout the call as members shared what they wanted to change this year. It’s a beautiful thing to see veteran contractors help each other grow while also assisting newer contractors and encouraging them to take their roofing business to the next level.

When we openly share what works best, everybody wins! This is the biggest key behind our success and why contractors in the group are achieving far greater success.

“You Can’t Lose When Investing In Yourself At These Events!”

investing-in-yourselfChoice Roof Contractor Group is encouraging all members and supported contractors to visit the events being held in this first quarter of 2017. The Annual National Convention put on by our preferred supplier is being held February 2nd-4th, which will host a bunch of seminars and knowledge-filled talks that are there to help bring about motivation, confidence and excitement. We will also be having our Nationwide Workshop and Forum in Cleveland, Ohio, which is being held January 20th-21st, as well as a second one in Tyler, Texas, March 3rd-4th. These comprehensive workshops will help arm members with the tools and methods to succeed in 2017.

“We Are Becoming The BBB Of The Commercial Roofing Industry!”

investing-in-yourselfJonathan Keim, the individual who heads up all our marketing, has some amazing plans and changes for 2017 and was excited to share the good news on the call! Jonathan wants to reinforce the foundation of the Choice Roof Contractor Group by setting the group up with all the tools necessary to dominate the roofing industry. The website has been structurally improved so potential customers will be more willing to stay on the page and learn more about CRCG. We’ve also improved the mobile site for the large amount of mobile users there are these days. Additionally, with the help of a software engineer, we made changes to the quote module so there are more conversions (i.e. more leads per website visit).

As far as projects currently underway, we’re most excited about implementing a membership directory. It will be used by members within the group to build even more trust and unlock more success by enabling contractors to quickly see who has necessary skills to assist them on a job. How does this work? Contractors with “too much work” will be able to take on more projects by offering the extra work to those who may be in a slow season or want to live in a different state for a while. Also, fewer jobs will be turned down due to inadequate experience since a fellow member with the right experience can be easily brought in to assist with a project.

This is Our Year!

group photoChoice Roof Contractor Group has main two objectives this year: better capitalize the resources we already have and reach more business owners. The whole group of contractors on the call was fired up and ready to make 2017 their year, and we believe that stands for all the members of the group.

As with every year prior to starting this group, we will reach higher heights, help more contractors, provide better service to building owners, and service more roofs. The best part is that we have this group of passion-driven contractors who are ready to make that happen. We are excited to see what happens in 2017 and we are privileged to have so many leaders in the group willing to help others succeed in the commercial roofing industry.

To a great year of success, we wish all Choice Roof Contractor Group members and all future members a very productive and positive year.

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Written by: Jonathan Keim
Jonathan Keim
Jonathan is an original co-founder of the group. He brings a wealth of experience in commercial roofing that spans from marketing, sales, product support and much more. In addition to connecting building owners to reputable service providers throughout the nation, he has helped more than 200 contractors expand in the commercial roofing industry.