4 Questions You Should Ask Before Deciding to Start a Commercial Roofing Business

commercial roofing businessMany entrepreneurs are attracted to the prospect of starting their own roofing business. But starting and running a roofing company can be demanding, and it is probably more suitable for people who like working with their hands or enjoy the rigors of the construction industry.

And what if someone is on the fence? Well, the opportunities are there for driven entrepreneurs. In the commercial roofing industry, contractors can add as much as $150,000-300,000 to their bottom line in due time.

For driven individuals who are considering business opportunities in the commercial roofing industry, here is some food for thought. We offer 4 quick things to consider before deciding whether starting a commercial roofing business is the right opportunity for you.

4 Questions to Ask Before Launching a Commercial Roofing Business

commercial roofing businessDo you fit the profile of someone who would find the opportunity appealing?
There are many different kinds of people who have found the commercial roofing industry engaging. But it may be helpful to consider whether you fit the profile of people who easily fit the mold for roofing business ownership.

Here are a few people whom can do very well:

–   People who are looking for construction jobs

–   People who have construction industry experience and are looking for a change

–   People who are looking to expand their construction or roofing firm

–   People who have grown up in construction

–   People looking for a dramatic life change and already familiar with roofing and its dynamics

Do you have “grit” and the ability to learn things as you go along?
It is a cornerstone of any business ownership opportunity, but it especially applies in commercial roofing. Do you have lots of “grit”, or determination and strong work ethic? The commercial roofing industry can present some lucrative opportunities, but there is competition. Having the fortitude to stand up to new challenges as they arise and overcome them is essential.

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    Of course, commercial roofing business ownership requires the ability to learn as well. Knowledge of your market is a key for ensuring any business thrives. But the roofing industry is constantly experiencing new developments and trends, and being up-to-date on these things can be a big factor in your business’ profitability. For instance, one of the biggest challenges the roofing industry, and the construction sector as a whole, is facing is the growing lack of labor expertise. There will be new job opportunities in the construction industry in the future, but having professional training is a must for being able to meet the service demands of the commercial building space. It is advisable that a roofing business owner be aware of creditable training and professional development opportunities.

    Are you ready to commit to a strong company service model?
    A commercial roofing company is in what we call a “service sector provider”. In plain English, it is a company that provides services to clientele. It is different from other sectors such as manufacturing (where companies produce goods and sell them to distributors) and retail (where businesses sell products directly to customers). In any service-sector business, customer service takes on a whole new level of importance.

    Of course, for the roofing industry it is an even bigger playing field. Roofing work is not something that just ends when a project has been completed. Since a roof provides a big essential for the customer—namely protecting his or her building—it is a long-term investment. If it leaks or has problems, it will require servicing. Regular roof maintenance is advisable, too. Companies that have a strong customer service model in all facets of their business—from the services they offer, to when they show up for work, to the products they use—will offer strong customer value. They are likely to be the ones that are the most profitable, as their reputation for good service becomes strong. That is why a strong company owner commitment to a good service model is needed.

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    Will you be ready to adapt to new challenges and take efforts to even stay ahead of the curve?
    On the whole, the roofing profession is one of the oldest in human history. The focus has always stayed on making sure a roof is strong, sturdy, and correctly-installed. But technological advancements in recent years have brought new things to the fray. Nowadays in the commercial space, there is a big premium placed on energy-efficient and sustainable construction. Many companies even focus on sustainability and eco-friendly construction as a way of building their business profiles.

    The companies that are the most successful in the commercial roofing industry are those that have adapted to new industry trends, and even adopted new practices before those trends became the industry norm. Energy-efficient roofing and programs that promote it, such as the ENERGY STAR® program, are perfect examples of that. For budding entrepreneurs who are willing to be constantly educating themselves about what is new, what holds potential, and what could be a good opportunity for business, the sky truly is the limit.

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