Asking the Right Questions to Solve Complex Commercial Roofing Problems

commercial roofing problemsComplex commercial roofing problems are faced on a regular basis by architects, building owners and roofing contractors, especially today when rising energy costs and environment awareness are important considerations when installing a new roof or doing extensive roof repair. Asking the right questions can help discover proper and simple solutions that will satisfy the need for quality roofing, and ensure that energy costs can be contained and environmental issues addressed.

What are the right questions to ask when seeking simple solutions for your complex roofing problems? Answers to these questions will lead to a better roofing system for the geographic area specifically to the demands placed on a roof regarding heating and cooling.

The first important question to ask is:

Does the geographic climate mean more hot days will be encountered or more cold days?

It is imperative that end-use energy costs be carefully weighed when evaluating the benefits of installing roof materials. Because the first line of defense against the heat and cold is the roof, this decision is of major importance. Roofing material and color should be part of the simple solution to this particular roofing problem. Cool roof coatings are one simple solution. Foam sprays, including the Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Roofing Systems that Conklin roofing contractors use, can be applied quickly and save time and money, which is just as important because this system is “green” as it provides durable roof protection at the same time that it provides energy conservation.

The second important question to ask is:

How can roof insulation result in the proper R-Value?

spray foam roofEnergy efficiency can be greatly influenced by the type of insulation used and can be a great factor when it comes to energy savings than the roof color. Problems associated with condensation can be eliminated in part due to how many layers of insulation are applied.

The R-Value measures the insulation’s ability to resist heat when heat waves travel through it (flow of heat). The higher the R-Value, the better the material insulates per inch of thickness. Spray foam gives a high-grade insulation for roofs as well as interior wall applications, giving superior protection against the elements. Long-term thermal resistance testing has shown aged R-values for Conklin’s roofing foams to be a range of 5.6 to 6.2 per inch. The above-mentioned SPF System by Conklin provides high-grade insulation on roofing and interior walls that gives added building strength and reduces both cooling and heating costs. Membrane coating systems can also serve as simple solutions because of the many advantages such as the ones provided by Conklin’s Membrane Coating System, which include:

• Superior waterproofing to stop leaks

• Premium protection from both hail and high winds

• Lower utility expense because the reflective surface increases energy efficiency

• Extends the life of existing roofs to eliminate tear-off costs

Last question to ask is:

How long will a roof last?

How long a roof lasts will depend on proper installation and type of material.

Metal roofs, which are most popular for low-slope roofs, typically carry 30 year warranties but are generally considered to be expensive. TPO roof membranes are often used as a roofing system for flat roofs due to their cost effectiveness, but they are notorious for having a very limited life cycle.

Roofs restored using quality roof coatings, such as those applied by Conklin contractors, are durable and continue to be ahead of industry standards for performance, technology and environmental responsibility. Conklin Roofing Systems, which come with up to a 20-year non-prorated warranty, have served customers with unsurpassed performance for more than thirty years satisfying countless customers. With a roof restoration system, building owners can cut roof replacement costs in half while saving thousands in energy and enjoying the many benefits offered by a seamless roof coating.


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Complex roofing problems revolving around energy costs and environmental protection factors and other considerations such as total costs, maintenance and longevity can be solved with simple solutions when you first ask the right questions. The answers will include using not only the best materials, but also the right roofing contractor to install the roof correctly to prevent complex roofing problems in the future.

Complex roofing problems can be avoided when you choose a roofing contractor from the Choice Roof Contractor Group because they are professionals that offer specialized expertise for virtually all roofing situations,  provides a reputation for excellence, and offers exceptional warranties on products and services. Visit the Commercial Roofing Services page for more information about our commercial roofing members.

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