Why Contractors Struggle to Do Commercial Full-Time

shingle roof installIf you’re interested in expanding your roofing company, there are some great opportunities in commercial roofing. Just one commercial job can deliver the payout of 50 residential jobs. And the commercial roofing industry is growing. It’s expected to reach $5.3 billion this year and balloon to new heights in the years ahead.

But despite all of these great things, getting involved full-time in commercial roofing is often an entirely different matter. There are many hurdles that come up along the way—and they can keep even the most experienced, dedicated contractors from doing commercial full-time.

At Choice Roof Contractor Group, we are run by commercial roofing contractors who have faced these challenges. They have overcome them and built up memorable success stories that inspire people today. Some of these challenges were resolved by learning of the right solutions through trial-and-error. But most of them were an ongoing struggle— even 15+ years later.

Our nationwide network helps contractors resolve these issues promptly and get more commercial projects on a regular basis. Let’s take a look at the most common reasons behind why contractors don’t land commercial projects consistently.

Can’t Stand Out from Competition with Years of Commercial Experience

commercial rooferFor those new to the scene, one big challenge is winning out over those with years of commercial roofing experience. It’s not unusual for experienced contractors to be among the competition on larger-scale jobs.

Choice Roof Contractor Group delivers a strong competitive edge. For one, as part of our group you have access to over a century of industry-related experience. Collectively, our nationwide team is likely to know far more than any one of your competitors and building owners will find greater peace of mind knowing you can rely on our group’s experience to present long-term solutions to their problems.

Also, as a qualified member, you will be a part of the nationwide group that has worked with nationally known brands: Ashley Furniture, Ford Motor Company, Holiday Inn, Burger King, and much more. And if you meet our standards, you can receive our full endorsement – and obtain more credibility with our nationwide reputation in the process. If you don’t qualify right away, we will help you reach qualification standards and in the meantime you can let prospects know that we’re supporting your efforts.

No Effective Marketing Strategies

commercial roofing marketingIf you don’t have any proven method of getting large jobs: no sweat. Our veteran contractors will share their own experiences with the approaches that work best, that don’t, and that are the most cost-effective. In recent efforts, our dedicated mentors have helped members secure the beginning phase of roofing projects as big as 400,000+ square feet.

At our workshop & forum, proven sales strategies and tactics are presented by top roofing experts. These approaches have helped contractors add as much as six-figure gross revenues to their companies as soon as their second year of using Conklin products. Network members also benefit from our lead generation program. We connect them to quality roofing leads – and with our endorsement, you can benefit from this, too.

On top of this, we’re partnered with experts in commercial roofing marketing. They’ll provide the customized, timely, knowledgeable support you need.

Unable to Close Sales

Many contractors get their foot in the door, but don’t win the project. One important facet behind getting these big jobs is showing work-in-action.

Choice Roof Contractor Group has 1,000+ pictures to use as examples of roof restoration systems, spray foam roofing, and single-ply membrane installations. Our easy-to-use presentations, available in print-out and virtual formats, fully outline the benefits and advantages of choosing one of our members. Additionally, we share sales training programs that have been proven to be highly effective at boosting closing percentage rates.

Picking out Right Equipment to Start and Grow

spray foam equipment

In the commercial roofing industry, there are often concerns about equipment costs. For help in navigating these big expenses, our members work with roofing veterans directly. With this, new contractors learn how to get started and keep equipment costs to a bare minimum.

We’ve also established partnerships so you can get quality roofing equipment at discounted pricing. Our veteran mentors will also work with you on effective strategies to get fully up-and-running in this area. And you can even work out opportunities with more experienced contractors in our network to help you grow your business.

Don’t Know What to Do in New Situations

roof contractor supportOne sizable hurdle facing new contractors is how to handle new business or roofing situations. It’s yet another area where experienced commercial contractors have the advantage.

As a member of our network, you can overcome this obstacle through our contractor support program. Our most experienced veterans will provide ongoing mentorship and guidance, whether you have questions related to sales, roofing technique, or business development. It doesn’t matter—you can reach out for assistance through phone contact, texting, pictures, video, email, or other methods. And if you need more intensive assistance, they will even come out to help you on-site with your first few jobs, or even the sales process on new bids.

Why Our Group Provides So Much Support

Contractors join our network to receive:

  • Network-backed Guarantees
  • Support from Fellow Roofers
  • Shared Marketing Strategies
  • Group Discount Purchasing
  • Occasional Leads
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Since we’re a roofer-run organization, we’re fully committed to your success. Everything has been carefully structured so you have a proven pathway for full-time commercial work, backed by our extensive support, mentorship, expertise, national reputation, and nationwide resources. It’s a level of support unlike any offered anywhere else. But why do we provide all of this?

We’ve carefully structured this platform so that we benefit together with you when you close a job. Veteran contractors in our group understand the difficulty of getting started and have joined forces in our group to share that valuable knowledge in exchange for residual income, while also benefiting from all we have to offer.

You can financially benefit from helping others as well – it’s what makes this group so powerful. In the meantime, our support services and lead generation will further cement your journey toward becoming a full-time commercial contractor. Once you’re onboard, we’re 100% committed to your success.

Contact us today at 800-670-5583 to learn how contractors are benefiting. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you!

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    Written by: Jonathan Keim
    Jonathan Keim
    Jonathan founded the group 10+ years ago. He brings a wealth of experience in commercial roofing that spans from marketing, sales, product support and much more. In addition to connecting building owners to reputable service providers throughout the nation, he has helped more than 300 contractors expand in the commercial roofing industry.