Conklin Equinox® Breaks Temperature Barriers

Many commercial roofers LOVE acrylic coatings.  They are easy to install, look great and usually represent a good investment for the client.  However, one of the biggest drawbacks for acrylics has historically been the limitations that ambient temperature can put on application.  If you happen to serve an area with a short summer, this limitation can reduce your market time and potential for doing business with this fine coating option.

NO LONGER!  That’s right, our friends over at Conklin have re-formulated their popular Equinox® acrylic system to allow for a curing film development in the 36°F to 60°F range. 

commercial rooferThis single modification has extended the sales window for countless commercial roofers across the United States.  The change has been so significant that Conklin reports between September and December 2020, sales “nearly doubled the best annual sales volume Equinox® had ever achieved in the previous 11 years in the Conklin product lineup”, according to an earlier article in Vision Magazine.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the Equinox® product, it is an elastomeric, acrylic, monolithic roof coating in a bright white finish. 

Equinox® is designed to waterproof a range of substrates, including metal, spray polyurethane foam, membrane roofs and Conklin’s Fabric Reinforced System.

Applied at 1.6 gallons per 100 square feet, in the proper temperature range Equinox® has a dry time of 2-4 hours and dries to a 13.5 mils depth per coat, according to Conklin’s product spec sheet.

Benefits of the Equinox® System

Some of the benefits of the Equinox® system are:

  • Dark base coat for better heat absorption and improved moisture evaporation, even at lower temperatures.
  • Highly reflective white top-coat provides for 85% solar reflectivity, with resulting cooling cost savings.
  • Due to a high solids content, Equinox® requires about 20% less product per application than traditional acrylics.
  • The fully-cured membrane is extremely flexible and durable, providing for a superior waterproofing system.
  • Compatible with a wide arrange of substrates, including SPF, metal, and various single-ply membrane systems.
  • 10-year, non-prorated and transferrable warranty programs are available for material only and material/labor options, upon approval by Conklin.

System Application

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    Conklin recommends the following steps to ensure the best possible Equinox® application outcome.

    Preparation – Prep the existing roofing system to specification and guidelines provided.  This is not a step to overlook or cut corners on.  Like the building itself, the Equinox® system must be built on a well prepared foundation.

    Staging – Though the new Equinox® formulation is less temperature sensitive that other acrylics, weather conditions do still play a role.  Conklin’s Equinox® sales sheet notes that “Excessive air flow, low humidity situations, and surface temperatures above 60° F increase the risk of flash drying, which will cause shadowing and telegraphed spray patterns on the roof surface effecting overall aesthetics”.  It is imperative you stage your project to allow for completion during optimal weather conditions.

    Verification & Documentation – To ensure an excellent application, you must verify appropriate weather conditions with a cell phone application, as well as a temperature gun.  This information may be crucial in your warranty application.

    Application – Your base coat and top-coat should both be applied only when conditions are right.  In this case, that is an ambient air temperature between 36°F and 60°F, relative humidity greater than 20% and air flow adequate to prevent flash drying and allow for wet edge maintenance.

    Storage – Store your remaining Equinox at temperatures less than 80°F.  Do not let it freeze and it will remain fully usable for your next happy customer within 6 months of manufacturing date.

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