How to Apply Roof Coatings to a Standing Seam Roof

standing seam metal roofDue to the recent inquiries received about Conklin roof coatings with regards to standing seam-style roofing systems, we have put together this blog to help explain the proper installation process.

For any standing seam roof, there is always one main cause of leaks: an incorrectly crimped seam. In addition to this major problem, there are also a number of other areas where this roofing system can leak. Luckily for you, Conklin’s building product specialists outlined the procedures to handle a number of these issues with the following document: Seam B 5 92 35 Tech Doc 5-16.pdf.

Overview of the Process

Before starting, we strongly encourage you to review the document above in full, but will provide a summary of the steps to take below.

  1. Power wash the entire surface with Rust Off®, a rust and oxide remover that etches metal to provide for better adhesion of the coating system.
  2. Apply Conklin Encase, a rust inhibiting metal primer, to the entire metal surface.
  3. Embed Spunflex II joint tape with Benchmark base coat or Rapid Roof III base coat on all end laps at a rate of 1.75 gallons/square followed by an additional .75 gallons/square on top of the fabric. Make sure all Spunflex II joint tape is completely embedded in coating up the side of the rib as far as possible.
  4. For vertical seams, apply Kwik Kaulk to any crimped area without the use of fabric or butyl tape.
  5. For horizontal seams and field flashed areas, the contractor should follow the MR specification sheet found at the following link:
  6. The final step is coating the entire roof surface with Rapid Roof III, Benchmark, or Puma XL at a rate of 1.9 gallons per square.

Contractor Support Services from Roofing Pros

metal roof coating trainingThe outcome of your standing seam roof systems is really dependent on the skill and experience of your installer or contractor. This roofing type is prone to application errors. If you or your preferred contractor doesn’t have much experience with standing seam roof systems, don’t worry! By joining Choice Roof Contractor Group, you receive the support of a number of qualified nationwide contractors who can help you. These contractors are highly skilled and ready to provide the advice necessary to finish any project. Our members will even go as far to fly to your location and help with a roof installation is needed. Here are some of the benefits you will also receive if you join:

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Our Nationwide Platform and Your Success

contractor supportWe strive to help each of our members grow and become successful. This is why Choice Roof Contractor Group offers many benefits as you obtain more amounts of local roofing market shares. This includes:

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Written by: Cami Cox
Cami Cox
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