Metal Roof Repair Cost

Today’s blog post is going to focus on a thorough evaluation of metal roof repair costs.

local roof repair projectFirstly, we will address the matter you are visiting the blog post for. Metal roof repair estimates vary on the roofing project (for example, if some panels need replaced) and how much area needs to be covered. This explains why it is hard to provide a number for the cost of a metal roof repair project without a professional metal roof inspection.

The cost of a metal roof usually comes down to difference in quality between competitors. While you may opt to go for a cheaper fix or patch, like black tar or aluminum coatings, it is only temporary and can end up costing you more in the long run due to excess damage. Here are some problems that occur with quick fixes like black tar and aluminum coatings:

• Brittle and weak structure
• Weakens roof and decreases performance
• Causes roof to be more susceptible to leaks
• And more!

As you can see, the need for something more stable is evident. The money spent on these patches will only lead to more problems and more expenses down the road. What if you could have an easy fix that is longer lasting and doesn’t make leaks worse?

The Best Solution for Localized Roof Repairs

metal roof repair exampleOur group’s preferred metal roof repair solution doesn’t cause any damage and involves no intensive procedures for your roof. This means it is minimally disruptive which leaves you stress free and at peace. With the help of Conklin’s roofing products, we are able to bring you the highest quality solutions available.

The elasticity of these metal roof coating systems allows them to handle any building movements due to its flexibility. Compared to black tar and aluminum coatings, which are not durable nor energy efficient, our metal roof coating systems save you money and headaches. Their white formulation is highly energy efficient and can further reinforce every inch of metal roof it’s applied on with Spunflex fabric. Conklin’s Kwik Kaulk is a latex caulking compound designed to take it another whole step further.

Take a look at the video below on the right to see just how well it holds everything together.

Contact one of our members so we can show you how to best address your building’s most important asset – the roof.

Avoiding Roof Replacement? Set the Stage for Full Restoration

Using high-performance caulk and coatings as outlined above is a great way to take care of protrusions and small areas, but if your roof is up in age eventually you will have to address the whole thing.

Like most building owners, you’re probably trying to wait as long as possible to replace your metal roof. If you wait too long though, you won’t be able to use a coating system, which could save you tens of thousands of dollars!

Below we will show you a better alternative that extends the existing roof’s life.

No Tear-Off. Less Costly. Up to 18-Year Leak-Free Manufacturer Warranty.

roof coating applicationWe start the process off by preparing your roof for the base coat. Your metal roof will be cleaned in detail from end to end and will use Conklin® Rust Off while pressure washing. While cleaning, we will also be on the lookout for loose sealant and remove obstacles such as seams, transitions, vents, curbs, and protrusions.

The next step after your roof is cleaned and dried is to apply Conklin® Metal Encase Primer on the entirety of your roof. This primer helps prevent rust and creates better adhesion for the base coat we’re preparing your roof for. It is also a crucial part of waterproofing your metal roof.

We will then go over your roof with Kwik Kaulk and fill in all gaps, voids, and protrusions to strengthen your metal roof as a whole. We enhance this with Spun-Flex Polyester mesh, a fabric produced by Conklin, which is applied in needed areas. It is also used on all vertical and horizontal seams and embedded in the basecoat at approx. 3 gallons per square.

As we near the end of your metal roofing project, we go over any exposed screws with Kwik Kaulk. This is to reinforce the screws and prevent them from backing out which would cause problems in the future.

Finally, the Conklin Puma XL Top Coat is applied to complete your metal roof repair project. It is applied at a rate of 2 gallons per square and after it has dried, will be 40-50 mils where Spun-Flex is applied and 13-14 mils when only metal roofing.

Benefits of Metal Roof Restoration

The metal roof restoration system the contractors in our group install provide an economic alternative to expensive replacement and intensive processes. Here are some benefits that are included with this solution:

Heat-Absortion-Graph• Up to 18-yeat non-prorated warranty
• ENERGY STAR certified
• Reflects up to 85% of the sun’s rays
• Lowers A/C cost
• Reduces usage on A/C units
• Non-disruptive roofing process unlike a replacement
• Lower roofing cost compared to a roof replacement
• White roof coatings reduce temperature by up to 70 degrees
• Also minimize roof movement
• Seamless system reinforces roof
• Waterproofed means no leaks
• And more!

Why You Should Choose Us

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Premium products, quality service, and people dedicated to excellence in the roofing industry. Three factors to what Choice Roof Contractor Group brings to the table. Because of this, you can be assured your metal roof repair project is being treated with utmost care and service.

If you want to stop spending excessive amounts of money on temporary fixes, Choice Roof Contractor Group may have the solutions for you. We provide premium solutions for long-term fixes. Don’t put up with mediocre service when you can have a better alternative – choose Choice Roof Contractor Group today.

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