Protect Your Investment, Understand Your Warranty

Commercial business owners don’t always read the warranties before selecting a service provider and their recommended roofing system. Years later, when problems begin to arise, a call to the manufacturer or contractor can end with headaches.

Many things can void a warranty and understanding the ins and outs of what is covered should be a top priority. It is always recommended that you understand the coverage you have, and understand what responsibilities are required.

More than “Set it and forget it”

commercial roof guidanceOne of the biggest pieces that many commercial and industrial business owners overlook is the clause about preventative maintenance. Each manufacturer will have their own wording, but all will have some sort of language that expresses the following: you must have regular inspections and maintenance, as well as paperwork showing these records.

There are usually more details provided about how often you should have these inspections performed, and who is allowed to perform them. Reading your warranty and setting reminders should done promptly after your roofing work has been completed.

Why Maintenance is Required

Without proper maintenance, your new roofing asset can decrease in value. By preserving its proper condition, you are able to continue to receive the top protection your facility requires.

Other Warranty Exclusions

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There are many other things that can cause your warranty to be void. These include:

  • Monetary Limits – Some warranties cap the amount of repairs at a certain cost. These warranties generally do not fully cover the cost of replacing the roof if a problem arises. Ask your contractor if NDL (No Dollar Limit Warranties) are available.
  • Abuse to the System – If you have regular foot traffic on your flat roof, the manufacturer may void your warranty due to what they consider abuse.
  • Natural Disasters – In the event of a natural disaster, your warranty would not cover needed repairs. Your insurance company would need to step in at that point.
  • Failure to Pay for Materials, Installation, Etc. – If you have a roof installed, but do not pay your contractor, your warranty will not be considered active until all bills are paid in full.
  • Repairs not Executed in Time – If your roofing system is in need of repair, but those repairs not handled in a timely fashion by an approved technician, your warranty could be void.

The best way to determine everything that is and is not covered is to begin with reading through your warranty. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to reach out to the manufacturer and contractor.

As always, the Choice Roof Contractor Group would be happy to help you find the proper roofing and warranty solutions for your roofing asset. Call us at 1-800-670-5583.

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Written by: Megan Sabatino
Megan Sabatino
Meg has been working alongside the Choice Roof Contractor group to help business owners and facility owners. With over a decade of roofing industry experience and a passion for writing and marketing, her knowledge helps provide valuable resources for contractors across the nation. She has worked with numerous companies to help provide support and growth strategies.