Bill Rouston

“I just love how everybody helps everybody. I’ve never felt like anybody is a competitor or has secrets. Everyone in the group is forthcoming and willing to offer advice whether it’s on the Facebook group we have or when we get together at national convention or a training. I also really enjoy the group calls we do and have gained a bunch of information from them in the past. When you asked me to lead one on commercial roofing and Xactimate, my first thought was ‘Absolutely! I’m part of a team here and I’d be more than happy to do it!’. The other thing that’s really special is the support we get with marketing our own companies as well as the leads that come through the group website. I remember when I had my first few Conklin proposals that needed to go out and I didn’t want to send them right away because I didn’t have anything on my website. So I called Jonathan up for help with the content, and he had the programming my web designer needed within an hour who then had it up shortly after that. The support has been awesome in every way!”